Friday, August 19, 2011

A New Day

I have been struggling to blog. This is unusual as normally I can crash a server with my words. I log on and then sit and stare at the screen. What up?

In the past on this blog I was unequally upbeat and downbeat. I wanted to be cheerful and full of fun but when I put fingers to keyboard out poured my insecurities and problems. I know this is the reason many people blog, but it no longer works for me. I am sick of griping about my life. Presto changeo, Pollyanna? No on your tintype. I am way to much of a melancholic for that much of a transformation. I do intend to reflect on my blessings. Even if those blessings are wrapped in pain. I think this is an assignment from God.

Here goes. Husband and I almost came to emotional blows. Through an elaborate series of stupid events he put almost $1000 on a credit card this week. I had just paid the darn thing off. I was angry, really angry and scared. I was loaded for bear and ready to inflict serious damage on our marriage. Before opening my mouth I decided to pray and let God do something with it. (God knows I can't) Well...after praying I opened my mouth and said..., "I have to apologize for spending a small fortune on my weight problem over the past twenty years." You could have knocked me over with a small twinkly type snack cake. I had not planned on saying that at all. Things went from bad to better. Through Divine intervention we began to confront some core issues in our lives and marriage. I am grateful.

That's the blessing for this week. It was a doozy.

Take care, Love Bea

P.S. How do you like my new color scheme. Soothing I thought.

P. S. S. I have industrial strength daises and hollyhocks in my flowerbed. Can they be dug up and divided?