Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fat Again

I was not going to write about my weight anymore, but here goes.

We just returned from a two week vacation to Arizona. I am sick and tired. No wonder. We traveled an average of six hours a day by car. We ate junk at weird hours. I haven't eaten a minnie mart hot dog in years. I ate four of them during our various trips. Along with canned chips and gelato in a nifty clear plastic container. I gained ten pounds in ten days. And now I can't quit eating this fake food. I am craving it. Ersatz protein bars, i.e. candy bars have become my breakfast fare as we had a bunch of them left over and I am too cheap to throw then out. Ditto microwave bacon. Bacon. I can't believe I am eating bacon let alone nuked bacon. And hamburgers, and onion rings, and peanut butter shakes, oh my. This is madness.

I feel like I am a thousand years old. I look like a million. No pun. I am so swollen up my shoes don't fit and I am beginning to worry about my socks. It is the salt. I mean it is the salt I am craving. I have given way to sugar and fat in my sojourn off the wagon but have maintained the low salt intake pretty well. Not anymore. I dreamed about jerky the other night. Maybe if I get sick enough I will return to healthy eating. I ate a hand full of lettuce this morning straight out of the bag. It was marvelous. I think I have turned a corner. Hope so.

Take care, Bea