Thursday, July 5, 2012


It is raining.  Has been a month since we have seen any precip.  All the housewives in our little hamlet are outside drinking it in.  The big Wyoming fire is just over the hill (read mountain range) from us.  We get the smoke daily.  I am not complaining, my sister-in-law is getting ash.   The rain will help with the fire containment. 

We had a quiet fourth because of the fireworks ban.  The dogs loved it.  Me too.  I usually have to sedate Mollie.  Jonah Tucker turns out to be afraid of the pops also.  Nothing like spending a season with shaking, drooling dogs.  Fireworks are legal here and our neighbor kids set them off all summer.  I hope the fire ban lasts for a while. 

I am rereading St. Augustine's "Confessions."  I had to read it in college but did not remember most of it.  This morning I read about his struggle with gluttony.  I cried the whole while I was reading it.  It describes my own struggle to a tee.  Made me feel worlds better.  If a saint battled with his outsize appetite I guess I can battle also.  He said he had to use food "medicinally."  This is where I need to be.  Presently I use food for joy.  He also reminded me satan tempted the starving Christ with bread.  Not meat, green veg, beans, fruit, unprocessed grain, but baked bread.  Food for thought, no pun intended.  Not a big surprise I am also tempted by bread ( read cake, cookies, donuts, quick breads, bagels, gravy, and anything else with cooked flour in it.)  As I was sitting there thinking about temptation and not eating bread this thought sprang into my head, "I am the Bread of Life."  And, as now I am finally able to partake of The Real Presence, I don't have to give up Bread after all. 

This whole deal just gets better and better.  Love Bea