Thursday, June 28, 2012


Life is good. Summer hit with a vengeance.  I have been running around like a headless chicken.  We are snow bound for eightish months so when warm weather finally arrives we all go at it like fools.  I have planted so much stuff it takes me an solid hour every morning to water it.  I also had to replant a bunch of stuff.  As our soil is mostly rocks, planting and replanting requires a pickax and a serious investment of time and energy.  I think I am about done with putting plants in the ground.  When the tulips die back a bit more I will plant geraniums to replace them and then I will be finished.  Yeah.

I am well and truly Confirmed.  Was a tremendous experience.  I did not know Father Flo was going to pour half a bottle of oil over my head.  Mighty messy but sure smelled good.  I can now take communion with the rest of the community.  Let me just say it is a way different experience than I have ever known.  It is dandy, just dandy.  As a new Catholic I was able to participate in the dedication of our new church.  Wow.  Catholics sure do things up in a big way.  Service was two and a half hours long.  Then we ate.  I felt like I had moved in.  I feel like I have come home.  

My counseling goes well.  Much to be said for Christian (Catholic) Counseling. Also I am losing again finally.  Only five pounds but is a start.  I feel invigorated in all aspects of my life.  Okay have to go and mow the darn lawn.  I am looking into tapping into more blogs at "Grace Place."  We'll see. 

Take care any who are still reading.  Love Bea