Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mouse Hunt

This is going to be short as I am supposed to be up here ordering a shirt from Cabella's for Mark.

I miss Socks something fierce. We have a mouse. It must have moved in the day after she died. It is in the kitchen wall behind the stove. I HATE MICE. I grew up with them in our hundred year old house and I can't stand the filthy little beasts. Socks loved mice. We never had one in the eleven years she was with us. Whomper Dinky could care less about them. I put her in front of the stove to at least put the fear of God in the mouse, and she will listen for a minute and then walk off. I am going to have to trap it. Of course I have no traps. It is the first of the month so we are flush again for awhile and the first thing on my shopping list is traps. I hope I can find some of those cardboard live traps. I don't like the old fashioned snap ones. But, if that is all I can find in our hardware store that is what I am buying.

Beautiful weather here. Cold as snot, but beautiful. We went for a hike Thanksgiving day. Was wonderful. The snow was getting pretty deep so we stopped after a couple of miles and just admired the view. We hiked up and down a canyon with a stream beside us. Thank God for my hiking stick. I slipped on the path and it was the only thing that saved me from sliding straight down hill into the water. I think of my self as a sedentary coward. I wonder why?

Okay back to ordering Christmas presents. Thank you all for your condolence messages and stories about the deaths of your own pets. I needed them. It is comforting to know other people know how bad I feel.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Now comes the mad race to Christmas. Happy running.

Love Lynn


Cindy...154 said...

So glad you posted today! I say adopt another cat, who likes mice. I hat mice, too. And anything resembling a rodent. It sounds so beautiful there, I am glad you had a nice hike and even happier you had your walking stick!!

Lori G. said...

Give yourself some time to heal but I like Cindy's suggestion about another cat. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if another cat made its way to your home. They seem to know sometimes where a loving home is and how to get to it.

Every one of my cats chased mice, caught them and toyed with them endlessly until we took it away from them. They never killed them -- just tortured them. Even my dog got in the cat of chasing mice...go figure!

mumtotwo said...

another cat!!!! hooray. socks would like that. my sister names all of her cats the same name.\
take care.

Annimal said...

Our cats are named for the color of their coats--thus, Bobcat, Panther, and Skunky.
My daughter is certain we need a Tiger. She's probably right.
Love the snow, but we are sitting at Artic temps this week. Nasty. They can blow over ASAP.

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Lori G. said...

I hope you're doing okay. I'm thinking of you!

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