Thursday, June 3, 2010


I think I am growing moss on my north side. The dog is so bored she just stares at me and whines. My roses are a sickly yellowish color. I am doubling up on my Vitamin D to counteract the gloom. The pigs next door are traveling around on water wings. The ducks laugh all day. And still it rains.

On the brighter side, a robin has moved into our car port rafters. She built a nice cozy nest directly over the driver side of our car. She refuses to vacate the nest so we are doing this sort of hula maneuver to enter and exit the car. Very tricky that. I will be glad when the babies are born and reared. It is fun to greet her each time I open the back door. On a less happy note, voles have moved into our basement. They tunneled around a basement window and took up residence in our old tax returns. Yuck. Mouse poops and urine all over everything. The cat ignores them. We plugged up the holes during a hiatus in the downpour and now just have to clean everything up. I refuse to do it alone so it will have to wait until the weekend. We put out traps. Nothing so far. I hope they moved out before we walled them in with Quick-Crete.

Still no job news. Turns out everyone in county government is nervous. I am only worrying about it from seven to eight p.m. every other day. Seems to be working.

On the fat front...who gives a rip? I am not gaining so I am not worrying. I started yoga again.
Yoga Fran came back from Florida. Gad am I stiff. It is great to start stretching again. I also bought some of those new "Sk*tchers" shoes. Thought they would be good for my posture and would give me a better workout while I walked. Not so much. I have plantar fascitis so bad I can hardly walk. I am not sure my feet will ever get back to normal. Those darn shoes were very expensive to be so lethal. I have a friend who is going to try to sell them for me on e-bay. I have worn them four times. I am going broke buying lineament for my feet. I also bought some heel pads for my shoes. Yoga Fran has me doing some stretches for my feet and ankles. I hope something works. I walk like and old lady.

I have been entertaining. Let me rephrase that. We have had two groups of people over for dinner. Was fun. I have figured out that four guests plus us is the ideal number. The house will seat them comfortably and food and dishes are not a chore. If it ever stops raining we will stain the deck, get the furniture out and entertain out there. I wish summer would arrive. Okay that's all. See you next month.

Love Bea


Vickie said...

Was glad to see you back in blog land.

what kind of shoes do you mean - the kind with rounded soles on the heel or the kind with sort of springs for the heels?

my shoe guy warned me long ago not to fall for either one - I need more stability and they will create problems.

HE however can and does wear both of those kind - no physical problems of any kind. He also has several different kinds of regular heels. He rotates shoes daily.

so I guess it is sort of if we are already in really good shape - can wear them - if not in good shape or have any type of physical problems - then they are not for us.

I loved the line about 7-8 every other day as worry time. do you get out your stones or worry beads for this worry time?

nest are always an issue around here. I can relate. My mom puts foil out so the mother duck nest somewhere other than at her front door.

if you stuff newspaper in holes - can tell if they are still in there - as they will move the newspaper. if newspaper is not moving - they are gone. steel wool is what we use after newspaper - because they can't eat through it (well I suppose they can, but then they will die so it is a moot issue)

Annimal said...

Wish I could send you my cat, Panther. She is death to voles and leaves them on our front porch to share with us!

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