Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not Funny

Since no one is still reading this I am going to use it as a diary of sorts.

Sad to have lost my following.  My own fault as usual.  I should have kept up with people.

It was a heck of a lot of work to keep trying to be Erma Bombeck.  My life just ain't that funny.  Okay some of it is funny.  The whole episode with Trish and Barbara plying me with "Live" water and phyto-greens while sticking magnets all over me was funny.  Seven hundred dollars for an air filter was hilarious.

The whole church thing is not funny.  Universal salvation is not funny.  Steve and his post-modern religious speak is not funny.  Children not being taught true Christianity is not funny.  A church filled with people who believe spreading the gospel means only handing canned goods is not funny.  Me not teaching Sunday School is not funny.  Me thinking about becoming a Catholic is hilarious.

Weighing a million pounds is not funny.  Feeling bad physically is not funny.  Having no clothes that fit is not funny.  Identity as fat slob is not funny.

The new dog is not funny.  His fear is palpable.  When chastised he slinks, falls down and or pees.  He is afraid of brooms, shovels, rugs, loud noises, the cat, me, Mollie, Joe, the television, the phone, his bed, being petted and table legs.  Poor little dude.  I despise his former owner.

Gad am I tired of Mormonland.  No fat people for starters.  Everyone is striving to be perfect.  Sort of funny. 

No more.


Cindy said...

I'm still reading ;)

Anonymous said...

Me too....Your posts always make me "think." I wonder about the kind of life you have, compared to my big city living....please keep blogging.

mumtotwo said...

still here too.

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