Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunshine today. Still ten below on north side of the house. All is white with the world.

Have lost five pounds as of today. Will probably go up by tomorrow as Husband's birthday celebration is tonight and I will eat pasta and cake, his favorites. I am prepared for a temporary increase and do not intend to go off the deep end about it. I am in it (food plan) for the long haul this time.

Had a birthday myself recently. I am now 55 years old. Seems weird but I am grateful, my mother died at 48. I have begun to get the weirdest mail. I got an add from a "scooter store." If I bought one of these scooters, according to the promotion, I would be doing wheelies in the parking lot in a matter of minutes. I don't think so. I have also begun to get catalogs advertising catheters and shower chairs. Come on. I may be a bit creaky in the knees on cold mornings but I am not yet ready for all this senior paraphernalia. Since when did 55 get to be the cut off age for youth? Like Jean Brodie, I believe myself to still be in my prime. Apparently I am the only one.

My first counseling session is today. I am hoping to work on trust. I think this is my main issue. Mebbee not. We'll see.

All done for another week.

Love Bea


Anonymous said...

Hi Bea, Long time with no contact. I have been enjoying your blogs so hope you will resume soon. I turned 76 in Dec. so you are a young thing!!!!! I think Rawlins has a lot less snow this year so makes me anxious for spring. Still havi ng trouble from my back surgery - sciatic nerve so going to go back to the surgeon. Very painful to walk on my left leg. Dogs are doing great altho' slowing down a bit - Duke will be 10 next month and that is old for a Newfoundland and Buddy is about 8 - he still has a lot of vim & viger. Rans & Penny hope to be back the 1st of April. Think they yave had a good winter in AZ.
Got to get ready to go to Session - I finally said "yes" to being an Elder!! Love & prayers, Marti

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