Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yurts and More

It is gorgeous here today. Real birds and the snow birds are arriving in flocks. I am besieged by hummingbirds and motor homes. We live in a tiny rural hamlet and how people can mistake us for the fancy R.V. park ten miles down the road is beyond me. But they do. Yesterday someone from Georgia spent fifteen minutes driving around our four streets looking for the R.V. park. I guess the horses, chickens and pigs in the yards finally persuaded them they were in the wrong place. Brother.

I am frustrated living within our means. I want a new computer and we both need new glasses. The yard needs another load of gravel, we need a new picture window in the living room, and I am longing for another apple tree. But all that costs money, and we spent it on our yurt adventure. And we have to go to California next month. I do not want to spend the money to get and keep us there. This living without credit cards is a pain in the butt. In times past I would have put the computer, our yurt vacation and the California thing on the credit cards and then paid them off...slowly. I would have used cash for the glasses, tree and the home repairs. Not now. We are saving but that money is earmarked for our trip in October to friend Kim's wedding. So at this point I am just...waiting. Phooey.

On Friday of our yurt adventure we went sight seeing in the morning and spent the afternoon soaking and reading. Our first sight was the wetlands around the campgrounds. I know what sand hill cranes look like from a distance. I had never seen a flock of them up close. Wow. They sort of honk and they are tall. When they land they glide in like fighter planes. Their knees bend backwards. Mark thought he had died and gone to heaven. We almost did not leave the campground to see anything else. When I finally tore him away we drove into Pocatello and did the town. We saw Fort Hall, The Bannock County Museum, The Museum of Natural History and the Zoo. We toured the University. We had lunch in an Italian restaurant and visited a couple of book stores. We had a great time. Civilization is wonderful.

We got back to the hot springs about 3pm. It was raining. We put on our suits and dashed up to the hot pools. We soaked for half an hour while it rained on our faces. Heaven. We dashed back to the yurt and changed clothes. I turned on the fire place and made us cups of hot chocolate. We wrapped up in blankets and proceeded to read for the next several hours. About 7:30 we went back to the truck stop and had another wonderful meal. When we got back we soaked again. Bedtime was about 9pm with rain bouncing on the sky light. I wanted to move in forever.

Next time I will write about the books. I read them from cover to cover and learned much. I know the origin of my FEAR.

I hope all of you are having a good week. I am. Love Bea


Annimal said...

oh, that sounds like my idea of a good time. perfect time actually. Did I ever tell you I've started on Prempo and feel my sanity is restored? How are you doing on yours? I feel I am finally me again, not some out-of-control beasty.

Helen said...

I love hearing about the yurt sounds delicious!

Where are you going in CA? Anywhere near me (SoCal)??? :-) DB and I would love to have you over or...

Cindy...154 said...

Your yurt adventure sounds so wonderful. I agree that it is frustrating living on a budget and not using credit. I am doing the same. I am paying things off and not spending any extra. On the one hand it feels good to make budget but I got used to buying stuff and doing things whenever I wanted...oh well..

Vickie said...

do you think that $$$ thinking and the food thinking go hand in hand? It seems like the whole nation has the food thinking and the $$$ thinking - hand in hand - in the land of too much.

really enjoying your writing.

LG said...

Your trip sounded absolutely wonderful and fun! You find the most interesting things to do.

I understand perfectly well the waiting part and not spending money. It's especially hard when it is things like glasses and a load of gravel. (Too bad you can't barter for the gravel at least.)

But you have a wonderful memory of good times in your yurt. :-)