Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lost In The Fog

The second week of the new year. Who would have thunk it?

Major trauma and drama at our church. Some of us are struggling with the preaching of the idea of Universal Salvation in our fairly traditional setting. A few people have quit over the issue. I attend because my husband is still fighting the good fight. I get my spiritual sustenance elsewhere. I attended a catechism class with a friend last eve. Very enlightening. Very humbling. I know a moderate amount of Catholic theology from a scholastic setting. I found a much different kettle of fish from the faithful themselves. I will be going back.

New kitten is not preggers. She has a massive case of intestinal parasites. Worms. Gad. This cat is costing us a fortune. She is cute and we are all still terrified of her. She bites and scratches if she does not get her way. She has a particular hate on for Jonah. Poor little dog is getting neurotic.

Still snow and still overcast. Has been in the 30's, a miracle for this time of year. I am enjoying it.

I am back on my food plan. (I have gained back 30 pounds.) I am beginning to feel better as the grogginess of two years of relapse is rolling off me. I got a mini-tramp for Christmas so am jumping around in the mornings. Way more fun than the dreaded tread mill. Nice to look forward to salads again instead of resenting them. I guess if you get sick enough the cure looks like privilege instead of punishment.

Okay done until next week. Love Lynn


Vickie said...

"I guess if you get sick enough the cure looks like privilege instead of punishment."

loved that line

Cindy...154 said...

love that line, too. I feel lost in fog, teeny post holiday depression fog. loved the Christmas post! getting caught up. Thanks!

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