Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bathing In Time

Found the answering machine and my cookbooks. Can only find one old phone. I am longing for the cordless phones. Remember phones with cords? Ick. You would think the phones would be with the answering machine wouldn't you?

We are in town today to get dog supplies and for me to use the computer. Mollie finally comes home tomorrow. I am apprehensive about the whole deal. I am most worried about the cats. Rocket Socks loves me and follows me everywhere. I think it may break her heart to have to share me. Whomper Dinky I think will adapt. She hates people and fears nothing. I think she will take Mollie in her stride. If any of you have any advice about how to introduce a canine family member into an all feline household I would welcome your words of wisdom. I have never had a dog before. Can you believe it? I am a fifty year old woman and this will be my first dog. Will be an adventure.

When we first moved up here I wrote about it being like going back in time. The feeling is stronger since we have moved into our new old house. I grew up in a house with a coal furnace and fuses. The movie "Christmas Story" depicts our life. Coal dust, extension cords and continually blown fuses. Welcome to my present. The coal furnace is gone thank heaven and the fuses have been replaced by breakers, but the inconvenience is the same. Our whole house seems to be wired to two breakers. I cannot run the kitchen baseboard heaters on anything other than low and the water heater at the same time. Makes for one cold kitchen. I cannot use the microwave and the toaster at the same time. Makes for one slow breakfast. I cannot vacuum and run the humidifier at the same time. If Mark shaves with an electric razor the t.v. quits. If this sounds funny I am not telling it right. Mark, who grew up in the suburbs, thinks we bought a pig in a poke and are going to burn to death in a huge conflagration. I just unplug something, wait for the breaker to cool off, and go on about my business. It is like second nature. We did it all the time as kids. I can cope wtih this.

It is the bath thing that bothers me. We have two bathrooms. Mark's is in the 1999 addition. It is beautiful and new. At least compared to mine. I think my bathroom used to be a bedroom. I'd say it was updated in the 40's. I have both a shower and a tub, separate. The shower is in rough shape. We haven't yet fixed it. I have been using the tub. The last time I took a daily bath was in high school. Some things you don't forget. Like the fuses/breakers, taking a bath came naturally to me. But something has changed. I am fifty, not seventeen. I had forgotten how athletic bathing actually is. I automatically went into my well remembered ablution routine, and got stuck in the tub. How I slithered around in that high school tub is a mystery to me. I can't do it anymore. I used to get on my hands and knees and rinse my hair under the faucet.... That's how I got stuck. If this sounds funny I am not telling it right. After Mark assisted me to my feet we went out and bought a hand held shower deal. I am moving the shower project to the head of the list.

Okay time to quit. We are going to go home and set up dog stuff and then come back into town for the Christmas Parade. Yep, tractors and horses and floats and the high school band. All covered in Christmas lights and good cheer. And then we all have hot chocolate and cookies out in front of the bank. My seventeen year old self is excited and my fifty year old self is delighted. It is good to be home in "time" for the holidays.

Hope you all had many blessing for which to be thankful. We sure did. Take care of yourselves, Love Bea.


Vickie said...

Glad you are getting settled. The only dog suggestion I have is to keep dog on lead/leash until you see how they all respond to each other. That way you can control dog and cats can escape as need be. We don't "do" dogs any more - but when we did - I kept them on a leash every minute that they were awake - inside and out until they learned to mind. With an adult dog this might be just a few days - with puppies, they were on a leash, by my side for months until they learned to mind and learned the pecking order of the house.

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

Anonymous said...

Dear Bea,

Yup new and improved, special formula, streak proof blah blah blah. Tried and true worked great. One copy of the Gazette, weak tea (the rest I drank) while washing 405 square feet of glass. Thank you for your suggestion. I figure is was my upper arm workout. I hope you get here to see the view! Snuggle up and keep warm.

Love, Ethel

Cindy164 said...

good to read about your settling in. It sounds really cool. the whole thing, parade and all. miss you...