Sunday, November 11, 2007

Home Again

Markovian Theory: "There are worse things than moving but then the war is over and you are discharged."

I am in Mark's office on his computer. Ours will not be set up for another month. We are going wireless and it turns out to be a big darn deal to switch. I will be posting from here on Sundays. Did you miss me? I sure missed y'all.

I am only four pounds fatter. I know, all the stuff I have been through in the last couple of months and my main concern is my fat. I know you know.

Moving was a mitigated nightmare. Only one horse trailer showed up to help, but, the weather was glorious and I got to see lawyers moving furniture. Took six of them to take down the clothesline. All chiefs and no laymen. Ver ver funny. All possessions arrived intact. A miracle.

Horse trailer et. all hauled over the furniture. Mark and I did the rest in the cars. For the last three days of October we got 2-3 hours sleep a night. So tired I was sick. That awful feeling you have after working four or five 12 hour night shifts in a row. Shampooing the carpets at 3am on the 31st was the worst. But we got it done. We got back our whole deposit plus some. The landlords paid us for the improvements we made to the house. As we were leaving a work force was arriving to fix water pipes, faucets, gas leak and electrical problems. Thank God we are out of there. Never buy or live in a house that faces north. Nothing but darkness and trouble.

New house faces west. Windows galore. Cats love it, and so do I. My "creepy flesh colored" living room and bedroom are beautiful. I put lace edged shelf paper on the kitchen shelves. The washer and dryer work when I push the buttons. We watch deer and elk on the mountain side from the breakfast table. I am content. Now if I could just find my shoes. I have one old pair of tennies I have been wearing for a month. I finally went out and bought another pair of shoes in desperation.

Came to the end of myself during this most recent move. Not a pretty sight. Found God at the end of me. Was a surprise. I almost never run out of me. Whole darn move has been about faith and my willingness to trust God. At the end of me, there was trust. I had no other options. I was granted strength, and peace and joy. Praise God.

Found no comfort in binge eating. Made me feel worse. Pattern of eating for pain relief is still present, but some of the nerve synapses must be dead. Thank God.

End of the line for this week. Going home to my snug little home and TAKE A NAP. See you next Sunday.

Take care of yourselves. Love Bea


Nory Roth said...

I was so, so glad to see your post today! Wondered if you were ever coming back -- I so enjoy your writing. Glad to hear everything worked out during your move. Soon it will all fall into place, and you won't even remember why you were so worked up in October.....wellll, maybe not! Will look forward to your new posts on Sundays!

Lori said...

I was glad to see you back. Moving is such a chore. But the idea of lawyers moving made me giggle. At least they didn't issue a subpeona on the clothesline...

Your kitties must love the windows; I hope they are adjusting to the dog. It is amazing what you find out about yourself both physically and spiritually. Take care of yourself, and write when you can.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bea,

I am so glad to see your post! I missed you during this move. So you've moved a short distance geographically and miles spiritually to get 'home' to God. I am envious of your breakfast scenic wildlife. Snuggle in, keep warm and enjoy the happy cats and dog (?). I am very happy to have you back, safe and sound.

Love, Ethel

Cindy164 said...

So happy to have you back even if it is only once per week. The house sounds so wonderful, looking out the window at elk in the morning. Four pounds is nothing but a mild fluctuation in my world. In fact I had a four pound fluctuation just today. Binge eating no longer works for me, either, but trickling sugar into my system still does. But I am making progress. Slow and steady tortoise style. I got to see lawyers shovel mulch and wheelbarrow mulch on my last business trip, it was fun. Glad all your stuff got moved and you are now in your new home. And double glad you are posting again.

Anonymous said...

Love the "Markovian Theory!"
Get some rest and enjoy your new nest.

Helen said...

Welcome back! I missed you. And I sympathize totally with the moving thing. What I found with our move is that I really don't need all that stuff I can't find in boxes!! ;-)