Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All's Well

Dinner went off with a bang. Eleven people squashed around the table. Was very convivial. Food was splendid if I do say so myself. Mark was sorry our guests ate so much of it. He was hoping for more leftovers. We played games afterward and had a hilarious time. The dog added to the fun by trying to climb into several people's laps.... She spent most of the party in her crate. Everyone loved our petite abode. I think it reminded them of the houses in which they grew up. Made me feel much better about the little place.

The whole darn house is clean. The laundry is done. We have leftovers so I don't have to cook. The boxes are unpacked. There is still too much snow on the ground to do anything outside. I am going bonkers. Damn am I goal oriented.

A guy was just here about putting up a fence for the dog. Is going to cost $600-800 to install forty feet of chain link and two gates. I almost passed out. The last time we put in a fence it was $300 for three times the distance. We are getting a price quote on wood. It may be cheaper. We could end up putting in the fence ourselves. I don't fancy that. The soil here is all rocks. Using a post hole digger is dangerous and you end up doing most of the digging by hand. Phooey.

I have lost some of the weight I gained. Not much, but some. I couldn't believe it. I am trying to eat consciously and attempt to notice if I feel full. I think I may be eating less. I am saying this very cautiously and quietly less the fat god's hear me and curse me with a binge. I have had a paradigm shift about my eating. As usual with me this was/is tied up with my faith. The Bible talks about the gift of "fruits of the spirit." One of the fruits is self control. I believe that when I accepted Christ into my life those attributes came to dwell continuously within me. But...just because they are in there does not mean I avail myself of them. Most times I just ignore them. But, along with the conscious eating, I am now consciously praying for help to exercise the fruit of self control. This is way different than defining myself as a helpless sugar addict.

As a sugar addict I had/have no control over what I eat if it has sugar in it. One bite and it is binge city. As a person with the divine gift of self control I can take a taste of something and then stop! I know I sound like a religious nut, but I do think God spoke to me when He/She said "eat less" a month ago. I believe I was then directed to watch the "I Can Make You Thin" thing so as to reacquaint me with the concept of Intuitive Eating. I have choice. If I rely on God's strength and not my own I can eat like a normal person. I can eat less.

Take care. Love Bea


Anonymous said...

I just knew your party would turn out being a grand success. I am so happy for you. Marti

L.G. said...

Your party sounded like a big success. It's a lot of work to have people over (at some point, I usually ask myself, "Why did I do this?") but the results are wonderful. Good friends, good food, and most important of all, the connection with other people.

I'm glad you are feeling better.

Cindy154 said...

I attribute my entire weight loss to my faith. And everything else good in my life. I am glad you said it in your post. And thanks for your comments lately on my blog, I have missed you. Your compliments on my writing have made me eager to write more. And, especially after a manfriend break up it's always nice to hear uplifting words. Thanks!!! PS glad your party went well. It think that having people over adds to our appreciation of our homes. I think I will have some people over myself. . thanks for the inspiration.

Nory Roth said...

Super, super, super!!! Glad you got the boxes unpacked, and everything caught up! What a load off your shoulders. Sounds like your party was a great success, and you know what they say -- success breeds success. Maybe you'll do it again soon. I know for myself, that whenever we entertain, it is just the motivation I need to get the house in order. (Maybe that's why I entertain so infrequently , ha-ha.) Good to hear from you!

Nory Roth said...
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ar said...

Fantastic about the weight loss and happy for. Party sounds tremendous. Hope the snow melts soon so that you can go out and play :>)