Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flu and Memorial Day

Still sick, but am better than last week. We are going to my home town for Memorial Day. I will decorate graves. There are a bunch of them. Also going to visit Mentor Mary. I will be soooo glad to see her but I am having very mixed feelings about going Home home.

I have gained some weight since my visit a couple of years ago. I hate that. I went home in triumph last time after having just lost all the weight. Will be painful to have to go back and admit my inability to keep it all off. High ho. So goes life. Also my summer clothes don't fit. Phooey.

I am having a hard time dealing with Mentor Mary's aging. I know she has slipped a lot in the past six months. Kills me to see time sucking away her dignity. She takes it all in stride. Says she has too much pride anyway and this is God's way of getting rid of it. She says all of life is about learning to release. Physical health is just one more in a long line of releases. She is damn amazing.

I will also have to confront scenes of recently unearthed abuse. Phooey, phooey, phooey.

Thank you all for your comments. They helped. My second blog will be called "I Am Born." On it I am going to write my autobiography I guess. I have started the first post. Will publish when I get it finished. Harder than in looks picking out what to write about and what to leave out.

Off to clean the whole darn house so the cat sitters will not think I am a slob. Have a great Holiday.

Love Bea

P.S. When my twin nieces were tiny I urged their mother to call them Bertha Maude and Blanche Myrtle. When they got older I became Beula Mae. And so I am.


Cindy154 said...

If you can get a few summer things to wear on your trip. No matter what size, or if you have some old stuff in a size that fits get them out. All of lifeis about learning to release. If we are going to have any peace or happiness, I belive she's right. Wow. I hope you have a good trip. Good trip could mean a lot of things. Even if there is a painful side, it may be part of feeling your losses and letting them go. who knows? I am always trying to find that bright side. But I am no Pollyanna. Love you!

Vickie said...

My therapist has bronchitis (sp?) too and has been feeling poorly for over two weeks. It then sets off her asthma. Vicious circle.

Glad you are on the mend.

My mom's childhood friend (the only one she has left) goes to the cemetery and puts flowers on both their mom's graves every year and then calls my mom and tells her. It is lilacs - every year.

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing what Mentor Mary says about releasing...I want to remember that as I get older. Very very wise.

Vickie said...

Lynn - home yet? Fun trip?