Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sleep Walking In Heaven

I think I may be a new woman. I look the same but I sure don't feel the same. This transformation could be due to a few things.
1. Estrogen
2. Walking
3. God

About that estrogen. Damn it's good to sleep all night. No more wandering around the house eating carbs the whole live long night. No more wandering around the house all day eating carbs because I was up wandering around all night. No more night sweats. I can sleep in one nightgown per night. No more hot flashes. Husband says this is the first time all winter his feet have warmed up. (I kept the heat at 67 degrees.) My skin looks younger. I have hope again.

About that walking. We started walking outside in the dead dark mornings a couple of weeks ago. We walk for two miles. The dog runs for six. I had forgotten how much I love to walk out of doors. I have been walking on the treadmill intermittently all winter. I hate it. But outside my heart sings with each gasping breath. (I'm way out of shape.) I have walking accoutrements for all seasons except deep winter. This oversight always puts me indoors for three or four months. Not so next year. We are getting snowshoes and poles with our tax return money. Vive la stomping. I have hope again.

About that God. I believe in generational curses. "Sins of the fathers" is another way of phrasing it. Junk passed on through the generations because no one ever draws a line in sand and says, "With God's help this stops here." The other morning I prayed a prayer with Joyce Meyer about being delivered from generational curses. I am claiming the promise of that prayer. God is delivering me from the sins of my fore-parents. I do not need to go about burdened down with the results of my family's sins. As I will allow God is willing to lift this load off of me. I am praying for discernment in how to go about shrugging off the weight. I have hope.

Take care of yourselves. Love Bea


Vickie said...

really good post
sleep does wonders

and you still have the treadmill for emergencies - and in an emergency - with the right stuff to listen to - you might feel very different about it. I can see that every day - if you don't like it - you fight it.

tell your hubby that we keep the heat at 65 - we tell kids that are coming to stay to bring hoodies and very warm pjs. any warmer than that and we all cook.

Annimal said...

yeah, we keep the heat at 62. In a "normal" home or office, I am just roasting! Firmly believe in sweaters and slippers.
So glad you are in a better place. What a relief that must be for all of you. (and my dog is same-he does 3 miles for my 1).

LG said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! I'm curious about the snowshoes; how are they with bad knees? :-) And yes, sleeping all throughout the night makes a tremendous different in your perspective, energy and thoughts. I'm envious! :-)

Cindy...154 said...

Sleep is so important and so overlooked. I have been sleepiing a little better myself. I have thought a lot about the generational sin stuff. I believe it is the stuff we pass down and that we can draw the line. Like what you said. . we think alike! Maybe I will go walking this weekend..thanks for the wonderful post. I am happy for you!

Anonymous said...

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