Monday, March 2, 2009


Like many of you I lost the weight because I read Fances Kuffel's book "Passing for Thin." I felt an immediate searing connection to her story. I remember beginning to read the book the moment I paid for it. I read it all the way home from Casper (100 miles). I usually don't read in the car because it makes me sick. But I read non-stop until I devoured the whole thing. This unknown woman had written my life. I had just begun to try to use Kay Sheppard's food plan. I was only so-so successful. Frances' book forced me to acknowledge my life had become powerless around food. She gave me the motivation to take control of my eating. I too longed to be a Girl. I began to lose weight.

So...when she started blogging, I naturally followed her into cyberspace. Here I met more women who shared my fat fate. What a treat. Smart and sassy and mad as Hell. Angry Fat Girlz was just what I needed to remain motivated. I learned about diet and exercise and Spanx and writing and cooking and shoes and boyfriends and jobs and, along the way, I also learned about personal power. I lost more weight. How much more can you ask of a blog? For two years it was a match made in Heaven. But...even good things have to change.

Somewhere in the past year the posts began to, "flag" is the only word I can come up with. The momentum for Our cause was slowing. The importance of other causes i.e., life, had begun to overshadow the necessity of ruminating about fat and weight loss. The euphoria of weight loss was over and the drudgery of maintenance had set in.

I knew the blog was dying but kept hoping maybe there could be a miraculous recovery. But not. I am in mourning. I will miss the gathering together of my friends under one cyber roof even though I know where you all live individually. I am sad our journey together had ended. It has been quite a trip. Thank you, all.

I will still be visiting your houses from time to time to just keep in touch. Until then,

Take care. Love Bea.


daisyk said...

Some of the AFGs are past their anger; some have given into it; some are trying to use & resolve it; some have found ways of avoiding it.

With those rubrics in mind, the AFGs were no longer a Voice. They need to maintain individual blogs in order to be truly heard.

But the spirit lives on.

The weather here is awful. Material will be sent as soon as the post office becomes a reasonable goal.

Anonymous said...

Bea - I'm glad that the AFG blog meant something special to you, that it kept you company and that you found your voice. Wonderful people like you kept us going longer than I might have thought possible.

Now we're just moving into a different phase, but yeah, not under one roof anymore, and not with one voice. We certainly have things to say and hope you'll keep us company.

It helps to know that AFG will be missed and grieved. I'm doing some of that myself.

Cindy...154 said...

I hope you keep visiting and posting!! I have a special spot in my heart for the AFGZ because it got me started, too!! And that's how I met you!!

Susan said...

"The euphoria of weight loss was over and the drudgery of maintenance had set in."

I like the way you put that.

Vickie said...

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