Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mol Dogs

I am not sure why we started calling her that, is just fine. When we went for our early A.M. walk she was a splendid dog. She heeled on the leash while we were tiptoeing over the ice and ran like a mad dog when we hit dry ground. We now walk her without a leash most times. I thought she would run off but she stays fairly close. She waits for us when we yell wait. She is a ham. She swims through the deep powder snow or skids across the top of the crusted snow. She sank through the crust the other day and was marooned with just her head sticking out. Mark had to go rescue her. I thought I was going to lose both of them. Walking without her now would be boring.

I have learned to be a pack leader. For someone terrified of dogs this is quite something. I know all the dogs in the neighborhood. Mollie does not get to run free so all the "kids" come over to our yard to play. I am not kidding. Yesterday I had five of them lined up at the gate waiting to get in. They run around and play tug toy while I shovel snow. When I have had enough I shoo them out. I can hardly believe it is me ordering all these dogs around. I am teaching them to sit in a row and wait for their treats. While all the people who own these lovely dogs are at work, their dogs run free. It makes me worried for them. But they love it.

Mollie can sit, stay, walk on a leash, put her toys in a basket, and no longer jumps on people. She was always house trained and she stays off the furniture. I can leave her at home for a couple of hours and she voluntarily stays in her crate and doesn't bother anything. I think the cats have a lot to do with that. She obeys them. They don't like her walking around the house if we are not she stays in her crate.

I have sort of figured out how to curb her leash aggression. I turn her around so we don't meet the other dog face to face. Or if the other dog looks friendly I let her off the leash. She only gets nervous and aggressive when meeting other dogs if she is on a leash. We both need more practise at this. I am glad we live in an unincorporated hamlet where we don't meet many other leashed dogs.

I am plum nuts about this dog. I think all the bad behaviour at the beginning just made me more determined to make something of her. I knew she had the potential to be a great friend. She is currently curled up at my feet. I'd be lost without her. Amen.

Take care of yourselves. Bea

P.S. This estrogen is driving me nuts. I look like two dirigibles have landed on my chest. more hot flashes and I SLEEP at night. The trade off may be worth it. Supposed to snow 3-6 inches again today. sigh


Anonymous said...

She sounds like a wonderful dog and such good company for you! I'm picturing you outside with your little pack of big dogs, teaching them to behave and showing them you are a leader. I'm so impressed!

Anonymous said...

This is the most upbeat post I have read. I'm so glad that Mol has worked out for you. Dogs are wonderful and their love is unconditional. Glad you are feeling so much better. Marti

Annimal said...

I feel the same about my dog, Jett. Walking without him would be boring.

Helen said...

Love to hear sweet dog stories...mine is a true joy in my life. :-) Sorry about your dirigibles...I have 'em too, but not due to hormones...I've just gotten fatter again. :-(

Cindy...154 said...

I remember when you got the dog. I am glad you wrote about what she is like today. You have come a long way with her! Keep up withe estrogen updates. I have some now too. I would not mind the dirigible effect but don't want any weight to appear anywhere else. if only it were that easy..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. There is nothing better than hearing an abused animal got the happy home they deserve. A beloved pet is friendship on it's simplest terms.

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