Friday, December 21, 2007

Frozen Dog Poop and Time

If anyone had told me I would daily shovel frozen dog poop into a plastic garbage can I would have called them fools. But, I am doing it. I use a rose spade.

We are now wireless. My email will have to change for the blog. So, as I do not yet know how to change it, I may be gone again for awhile. If you sent me an email message, I can't get to them. MSN/Qwest is holding them hostage. I have to sign up for dial up to retrieve the messages. I am not going to do it to read 49 messages and then quit the service. I tell you what, getting services in the wilds of Wyoming is a trip.

I am back on my food plan. Am rereading Kay Sheppard's books. I have rebelled against NEVER being able to eat "normally" again. But, I will NEVER be able to eat sugar without a trigger reaction. If I eat sugar, I eat sugar.

Cleaned house! I feel worlds better. Used shop vac and cat urine killer on the carpets. Put tin foil over the pee places. The cats hate it. Whoopee. Dog-dog untied her rope today and went on walkabout. She came back thank God. I watched her unscrew caps off water bottles and drink the water, why am I surprised she can untie knots? This dog is gonna kill me.

Okay, I have to go back to house cleaning. I found the "clock of doom." Mark says it goes, "snick, snick, snick' and "slices off seconds of his life." He has a thing about clocks, and wristwatches. I am putting it up anyway.

Take care of yourselves. Love Bea


arlene said...

Wow, frozen poop, now there's a thing for you, I guess frozen is better as at least it is not smelly, but has to be novel! Guess all the garbage must be frozen in Wyoming.

You sound OK with lots of resolve, so that is wonderful. Something to emulate, nothing better than action to get focussed and am glad to hear that Kay's books are still having their magic, there must be something good coming my way.

Are you serious about Molly opening water bottles? I saw 101 Dalmations last night (for the first time - was watching it in a coffee shop as it was there), and marvelled at how the Dalmation managed to fix up everything for his master. Turned on the shower, pulled the shower curtain, switched on the coffee machine, then pulled off the cover on the bed so that his master could wake up! Opened the door and fetched the milk. So Mollie may go in that direction one of these days, maybe even scooping her own poop???? :>) Any chances of 101 Mollies? :>)

Am happy you are at the clock stage, that must be major progress, although storm windows to come as well? Hope the storm windows will be cute ones, are there cute ones in Wyoming? I remember when I moved to my present place, the clock was one of the last things to go up. However it is a very boring round-faced clock, and does no slicing at all, you can barely hear it. But need it to be in my life as when I am in my kitchen, I need to know what time it is!

Best wishes for a wonderful Xmas for you. Wireless computing, "wow", you may be out in the wilds, but you are definitely one up on most of us in the cyber world! I am still on a telephone line!

ar :>)

arlene said...

PS: Regarding being an e-mail hostage. How about signing up for an Internet e-mail address, gmail (limitless storage) or yahoo? Who knows, maybe through default, you already have an e-mail ID with Google as I think is from Google? Why not access the google mail Website (at the address below) and then test whether your blog log-in and password works on the e-mail log-in provided:

Otherwise it also gives you the option to start a new account.

Shortcut for yahoo mail is:

ar :>)

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