Monday, December 31, 2007

Tin Foil and Vinegar

Out of the night that covers me
Black as pit from pole to pole
I thank whatever God's may be
for my unconquerable soul.

I have turned a corner. Was headed for the bottom again and God caught me. Thank Heaven for all the people who pray for and with me.

I have carpeted the carpet with tin foil. The cats hate to walk on it. All the pee spots are now gleaming with a shiny silver light. I bought a gallon of vinegar with which to annoint the rug and the house now smells of Cesar salad rather than urine. I caught Socks in the act, rubbed her paws in the urine and put her in her cat carrier for two hours. So far, so good. Right amount of pee in the boxes this morning and no new wet spots for two days.

Have come to terms with dog. I have a small house and a large dog and two cats. I am going to have to learn to live with the pet mess. I can do it. The cats are learning to adjust also. Yesterday when Mollie was asleep they took turns jumping over her. I think this was meant to terrorize her, but it didn't work. She slept through it all. After the failed jumping torture they gave up and also took naps, within two feet of the dog.

When it came push to shove, Mark did not want to give the dog back. Said he had to take her "snow swimming." We have feet of snow. The dog plunges into it and sort of swims around. She loves it. Eats it by the gallon. Dog ice cream. Mark is very interested in training her. Has taught her to obey most commands. I am having more trouble. Turns out I am not an alpha male. Who would have guessed? She won't obey until I get mad. I hate getting mad all the time. She pushes until I have about had it, then when I am ready to throttle her, she obeys. Go figure.

Markovian theory: The cats are collaborating on a canine cookbook,"Fillet de Fido." Pounded Pekingese, Roasted Rottweiler, and Shiatsu Sushi are a some of the highlighted recipes. They expect to make millions and by our dog a good home.

Back on food plan, Thank Heaven. Not buying anymore salsa. Whoever heard of salsa being a trigger food? Also Swiss steak and jambalaya. It is the combo of tomatoes and onions. Guess what folks, very high carb those veggies together. No wonder I love it.

Okay life begins again. One day at a time. Shovel frozen dog poop, dress the carpet with vinegar, and do the laundry. By the by, we got the storm windows up in the computer room. I can now see out the window and the snowy mountain valley before me is breathtaking. I am grateful to be alive.

Take care. Love Bea


Lori said...

If you get to the big city, get an industrial size jug of "Nature's Miracle." It's fabulous for urine stains. It will get better with the dog and with the cats.

It's funny about the salsa. I love it too. Mark is funny with his commentary. Best wishes for a fabulous 2008. It will get better.

Nory Roth said...

Woo-Hoo!!! Thank heavens this thing looks so much better!! Maybe the animals "got the message" that their very homes were in peril, and decided to cool it! Good choice with the foil, and catching the cat in the act was a stroke of divine intervention. Hope things continue on the up-swing, and Happy New Year to you all!

ar said...

Hallo Bea, and Happy New Year. Was so happy to find your latest post so upbeat. Since your last posting was thinking about you, and perfectly relating to salsa being a trigger food. You are SO RIGHT. There is something about the combination of onion and tomato that has to make up a certain chemistry. I have had this from teenager years. We used to grow tomatoes at home and dinner used to be sometimes just lots of tomatoes and onions fried up in a stew and on several slices of fresh bread with lots of butter, or mixed in with corn beef, the latter toned down the trigger for me. Maybe because it was high-fat protein.

With my last major relapse, having gained approx 80 lb over the last two years, SALSA has played a major role. I remember at the worst stage I used to have it every night, and sometimes could even eat it out of a jar. I particularly gorged on tortilla chips (the lime ones) with SALSA, cream cheese, and then at my very worst SALSA on loads of fresh rye bread with thick butter.

I think vinegar in combo with other foods can be a trigger for me too. This was properly a healthier binge, but still a binge, many years ago used to go through bottles of no-fat salad dressing, bags of lettuce and salmon, and the sour taste with mixed up spices became a craving for me. Did fill me up though, so maybe protein in the right combo does tone things down chemically. But have just confirmed through you that these are foods I should stay away from if I want to become abstinent.

Is there any way that you can build a little dog house for Mollie? Is she house trainable? I am a sucker like you too for the Mollies of the world. They just have a way with me!

Best wishes for your struggles and hope you go into remission SOON!

trix said...

We have/had kitty pee problems too. Our very anxious big gray tabby was a-feared of everything and change of any kind was just too much. Try Feliway - it's a plug-in artifical cat phermone. Keeps cats calm and relaxed - humans can't smell it at all. Our boy loves his "happy juice" and is much much better. we still have an episode now and again -- but with diligent use of Feliway and Nature's Miracle - we all survive!

Cheers -

Vickie said...

First Grade Teacher says that if it has SEEDS it is actually a FRUIT - tomato is a fruit.

If you look at Salsa contents - salt and sugar - and that combination is very appealing to a lot of people. The salt/sugar content varies a LOT with different brands - and I would agree that you probably just need to stay away from it - I mention it only so you can watch other things with the same combination - like honey cured ham.

Vickie said...

As you know - I use Kay Shep. very loosely - but if it has been a while - you might want to go back and read through her lists of foods - I do that myself and find it very helpful. If you can't find your book - her web page has it all (there is a link to it on Angry Fat Girls's blog's side bar).

Vickie said...

glad the animals are getting along a little better. . .

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