Monday, December 17, 2007

Hi Guys

I can't really believe this computer works again. I am in shock. The wireless phone guy just left. I understood we wouldn't be up and running until Friday. I'm not sure how this is even working but I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I'm typing as fast as my little fingers can move.

Mollie and I are fine. I am getting better trained every day. I can sit and stay already and she is presently working on fetch. Too bad I'm so dumb or I would be learning faster. The dog can now operate the microwave and is thinking about taking up knitting. I am not sure a smart dog is an altogether good thing.

I am obese again. I was just plain old fat for a year, but obesity has found me. Has made a profound impact on my life, elastic waist pants, the mormon jumper, no makeup. I would rather stay in than go out.... I can't even write about it. I thought I could, but I can't.

Going downstairs now and cook supper. Dog-dog will most likely be whipping up the Bearnaise sauce.

So glad to be back. Will spend all day tomorrow catching up. Take care. Love Bea

P.S. Markovian theory: Labs would make excellent defense attorneys. They could convince you to believe anything.


Vickie said...

Hugs - so good to have you back on a more regular basis. One day at a time. Yoga Lisa once said - You are not starting over - you just start from where you are. I think this is so true. And Baby Steps - don't try to tackle the world every day - just one little corner of it.

Nory Roth said...

So, so good to hear from you again. Sorry about the "fall from grace". But, just remember, you are no more than one meal or snack away from getting back "on plan". I just wish it weren't annual cookie binge time!!!

ar said...

Ahhhhh Bea, I can relate 100%. I REgained approx 80 lb in two years, and of the 80 lb approx 40 lb in three months. I find the higher my weight, the treble the rate of the weight gain. I am back to my black stretch pants and men size triple X long-sleeve denim shirts and "yes" I am avoiding outings as well. I used to be able to carry my weight "well", but all of a sudden I have all kinds of physical problems. My joints are painful and sore, my ankles hurt, my feet are swollen sometimes almost double their size, I shuffle like an old lady, have to negotiate steps one at a time (going down being the most hurtful ones) and feel ancient (I am 53 years old and will be a "very old" 54 on 22 January next year).

I have the books for Kay Sheppard (I learned about her through your blogs) on order through Amazon, but in the background am contemplating extreme measures. I picked up on a fasting Website that came recommended by another fasting place:

What do you think? I am DESPERATE! And worried about my health. I have been borderline hypothyroid for almost six years (or more - first diagnosed in 2004) and have avoided taking thyroid tablets as I just do not like to take medicine of any kind. Am hovering on the precipice of over the hill :>)

Sorry about all the moans.

arlene :>)

big fan said...

I LOVE your blog. Glad you're back.