Monday, April 6, 2009


I think I need a Glade air freshener clipped to my belt.... This new way of eating is playing havoc with my digestive system. I am mainlining Beano. Mark has given up on the diet and is bringing fried chicken home from the grocery store. Maybe I need to slow the process down a little.

I found a new recipe for brownies. First you drain, rinse and puree a can of black beans, then you add it to your favorite boxed brownie recipe in place of eggs, water, etc. and then you bake as directed. Worked like a charm. I found a whole wheat dark chocolate brand and just added the beans and baked. Then I ate six of them. Do not try this at home. Go out to a park, a big park.

I am going to stop our satellite t.v., and I am scared to death. I am blogging right now so as not to watch the television. My whole life is lived to the accompaniment of the tube. I want to be a woman who eats healthy and who does not watch television. What do people do who do not watch television in the evening? I already read. I can read and do anything. I can even read and drive. I do not recommend this. So reading is not the answer. I have no desire to indulge in the housewifely arts (knitting, sewing, embroidering) and I don't scrapbook. I do not want to clean closets at 7pm even if they do need it. I guess I could take up painting. I have no hobbies. What a sad commentary on a life. I work and read and watch t.v.. Phooey. What do you all do instead of watch the television?

More on fun with food. Boca burgers are okay but full of salt. Sassafras tea is yummy hot or cold. Cheese is full of calories. And so are nuts. This way of eating is not as fool proof as I thought. But is isn't boring.

Take care. Love and burps, Bea


Anonymous said...

hi bea...i don't have a problem watching tv. it helps turn off my mind. i think those of us that analyze everything all the time, need something else to think about for pete's sake. something nice and simple and hopefully shallow. are a fab writer.

Helen said...

I think your system will adjust to the new way of eating...I have the same problems when I've been eating "bad" and start eating "good" again. :-)

I have a hard time squishing my tv into my evenings...I'm so happy we have a DVR...I watched 4 1/2 hours of Dancing with the Stars and American Idol in a little over an hour last week! ;-) I get off work at 6, have 1/2 drive back to my side of town then: gym or walk or make dinner or talk with DB or shower or "play" on computer or do laundry or watch tv... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I never heard of adding pureed black beans to brownie mix - and I can see why eating them in a big park is a good idea! Were they tasty, for all of that?

As long as you have Internet access, maybe you could keep up with some shows that you like at I read a lot, work on genealogy some, but mostly I play online while watching TV, so I don't have lots of good alternatives to suggest.

Susan said...

I don't watch TV anymore and I don't miss it. When I get home from work, I do a workout, shower, have dinner, then fiddle around online. Working out in the evening not only fills in your time, but also ensures you're so tired you get a good night's sleep!

LG said...

I have a DVR too. I also have a lot of shows on there that I haven't taken the time to see. But I've been the person organizing a closet at 7 p.m. When that's over...who knows?

How about photography? You live in a beautiful part of the country. You could blog about your photo. You could go walking AND get some photography done at the same time.

There's nothing wrong with reading either. I do a lot (and I mean a LOT) of crossword puzzles in the evenings.

Annimal said...

I like TV as well, and I agree when the weather is nasty, one runs out of things "to do". My life is one long "to do" list.
We have taken to either watching DVDs of favorite shows and paring the TV time to only the shows we really, really like. Otherwise it's TV OFF.
It's all about balance.

Cindy...154 said...

I think some TV is fine. I don't know what to tell you to do because lately, once I get home from work I am too tired to do anything. I told the kids I am on strike from cooking and cleaning the kitchen. On strike for better pay and working conditions. I am laying in bed with my laptop.. I think you should blog more, post more, write more...because I like reading it! Oh, I totally understand the bean thing..big big open park. Let me know if your body adjusts after a while. I am still intrigued by the nude vegetarian..I am seeing how it works for you and then maybe I will try it out..

Vickie said...

I did not watch TV at home for a year. (I did watch TV at the gym - but only if I was on the treadmill.) At home - It was sort of like a long time out - to teach myself to moderation.

Mostly what I did during that year was:
1. WALK My husband and I walked - every day - for well over an hour.
2. We also worked in the yard and gardens - every day.
3. COOK I think that was the year that I was learning to cook from scratch and to prep my foods. I am VERY fast at that now - but that year I was not.
4. we all played a TON of cards - kings in the corner, crazy eights, etc.
5. Swam at the pool - laps - every day

I was taking my pilates and yoga classes that year - but that was not a new thing - I think I had started the year before.

At the end of the 1 year I went back to watching TV - but not all the time - and I kept doing all the other things. If I stopped doing them - I would stop watching TV again.

I also stopped reading - and I never did go back to that. If I read - it is compulsive - cover to cover to the exclusion of all else. That was my copying mechanism as a child - and I cannot find moderation with it. I CAN listen to podcasts on my ipod, but only while walking.

Vickie said...

you system will adjust - but if you go back and forth - you just keep having to go through it.

Vickie said...

and I only watch shows from the DVR so no commercials - and watch a lot of TV (old series) from DVD's.