Monday, September 21, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction

Remember a couple of years ago the Spanx discussion on AFGZ? In my self righteous new lighter body I thought, "I will NEVER resort to wearing a girdle again." Pass the foundation garments, with gravy.

Maybe the darn thing is too little. I swear to God, I can hardly move in it. I got the over the waist down the thigh model. With the "crotch gusset." (Like that is a major selling feature.) If I attempted to p** through that small hole I would have the same results as when I relieve myself in the forest while hiking. Wet hiking boots. The Flex camisole is a little better. I can breathe in it. Unfortunately when I inhale it snaps upwards and rolls into a rubber band around my waist. Not the look I am going for. Sigh.

I did find a big purple outfit. A skirt and top. A crepey polyester elastic waist tunic top affair. An XL is too small and a 1X is too big. I opted for the 1X and will take in the elastic on the skirt. With the tartan sash and black shoes and pearls I am passable. I look like the mother of the bride but "Oh well." As matron of honor I figure it is my duty to make the bride look swell. Now I just need clothes for the shower and the rehearsal dinner. Sigh.

I watched a sermon the other morning that went straight to the heart of me. It was about the safety of living within your boundaries. As a person hooked on security I was all ears. According to Joyce (preacher) living outside your boundaries sets you up for danger. Breached food boundaries equal ill physical, emotional and mental health. Breached money boundaries equal debt and stress. Breached sexual boundaries equal disease and broken hearts and self respect. As a pacifistic people pleaser I frequently step outside of my boundaries and get mugged. I love the idea of living within my boundaries and being safe.

My new anti-people pleaser answer to everything is, "I'll get back to you." Then I go home and figure out all the consequences of saying yes. A really
safe and smart way to live I think.

Take care. Love Bea


Vickie said...

the only situation that I can think of where (I'll get back to you) is NOT a good answer are things related to - "can you please go call 9 1 1?".

For all else - it sounds brilliant.

Vickie said...

and I remember that AFG posting quite well. My 15 year old (with no extra weight) has a body shaper that she adores - it allows her to go strapless and really holds her. Ironically it is one of my 'all done' goals - so that I can wear things with more open/big neck lines.

Lori G. said...


I got my Assets at Target (it's the Spanx version). If you look at the sizes, it's quite startling. Sizes are so meaningless in a lot of ways.

I don't think you would look like Barney at all in purple.

I do like what you're saying to people.

Cindy...154 said...

I like that sermon! Living within boundaries... I really like that. I also remember the SPANX discussion, too. It is good to see a post from you. I have not been able to follow blogs much lately but now that I am unemployed I hope to catch up and keep up with everyone for a while..

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