Monday, May 14, 2007

Glad That's Over

I am worn to a nubbin. Last week was hard. The posts were the hardest. Also the cooking and cleaning and worrying about having company. And paying the bills. And I finally bought a mattress. And shopping on Saturday. Why so much in one week? Just lucky I guess.

Guess what? I think I am a writer. No really. I compose stuff in my head all time now. I see something and my mind automatically figures out how to write about it. Very odd. We went to an old bookshop we frequent and I browsed the writing section. Made me tired. All those rules about how to write. And how to be creative. I picked one up about syntax. Good golly. Made me want to lie down and rest. All those rules made me feel as though someone was attempting to teach me how to walk with a different gait. "No Bea, your verbs should move faster and did you know you are adjectoed?" Cripes. Maybe I'll just lapse into swear words. They sure shove a sentence along.

I went to Coldwater Creek and K-mart and bought summer clothes. All extra larges. I didn't even darken the carpet of the Plus Size sections. My style is refining itself. I weeded out some unfortunate purchases from early in my size 18 time. If I am going to wear 18's I figure I might as well have something I really like. I was just buying "get by" stuff because I thought I'd be getting thinner. I may still, but I am sick of looking like a rag-a-muffin in the meantime. I also packed up all the over large stuff I was still slopping around in. My wardrobe is smaller but more functional. Is a good feeling.

Okay this is the end of this post. I am going outside to hang washing on the line. I am having left over soup and salad for lunch. What a good day I'm having.

Take care. Love Bea


Cindy174 said...

I am glad you are having a good day. Last week was exhausting for me and the weekend was busy so today I am just happy to have survived it all and enjoying not having nearly so much to do. I am getting ready to buy some clothes for the warm weather. I am getting sick of wearing the big stuff just because it is all I have. I wanted to lose more first but since that is going slow, I am going to have to get something. I want to have some things I like to wear. Pretty things. Hope your day was really nice.

Cindy174 said...
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daisyk said...

You ARE a writer. When you start hearing your thoughts as you would write them, you ain't got no more choice in the matter. Hang in, sister.

What a soft & capacious day you're having after a grueling week. I hope the rest of the week has this kind of optimism & elbow room in it for you.

BigAssBelle said...

one of the great things about writing these posts is that the great days are there to remember when the sucky days come along.

this was a great day. you'll have more of them, i know it. and you are quite the writer.

Ann said...

You are a gifted writer. You can confirm this by reading the book, 'On Writing' by one of the great contemporary writers, Stephen King. It's an interesting autobiography at the same time.

Another book can also confirm this by it's title, 'If You Can Talk, You Can Write' by Joel Saltzman.