Friday, May 18, 2007

My Prayer Chair

I had another wonderful morning. I spent time again in my prayer chair. I have been looking all over the house for a space that is mine. Dumb really, as the whole house is mine, but I wanted a special spot. I have tried several places. Either they were too cold or didn't have a window or the chair was uncomfortable or something just felt wrong. I do my devotions in the morning. I use several books, my Bible, my journal and a doodling pad. I also have to have room for a cup of tea, a clock and my white crocheted shawl. After making the bed yesterday I sat down to pet the cat. I have an old rocker in the bedroom. It was somebody's cast off I acquired in my travels. It just fits me. It landed in the bedroom for lack of someplace better to put it. I had forgotten how comfortable it was. I sat back to enjoy the comfort of the chair for just a moment, looked out, and knew I had finally found my spot.

This is an old odd house we are renting. I have been trying not to fall in love with it as we are not permanent. Too late. The master suite used to be the kitchen and is configured like a kitchen. The old breakfast nook is now sort of a dressing area. It overlooks the back porch through an old sliding glass door. This is where the rocking chair ended up. Sitting down in that chair has changed my world.

I opened the glass door today and hay scented bird song wafted in. Very birdy here. The back porch/deck is bookended by two old trees. These have now begun to leaf out. Bright green light filters in and onto my chair. I have a view of the entire back yard, a bit of the valley and the green black hills in the distance. The yard is old but some valiant neon lawn struggles on. At present it is more dandelion than grass. The grass looks like it has been spread with good butter. Usually I am anal about the lawn. I want an unblemished carpet of green. But I kind of like this frowzy yellow look. Especially as it is framed in violets. Under all the trees and bushes, are violets. They do indeed smell sweet. The right side of the yard is all old high lilac bushes. They are interrupted at irregular intervals with aspen in their midst. The white bark against the old grey canes and the dark green leaves is striking. The back of the yard is old fence held up by some ancient elms and an apple tree. There is about an eight foot break in the fence. Through this viewfinder I can see the yellow pasture, the neighbors horses, a gray house and the hills beyond. I can also see the small planes as they ascend and descend. I hadn't realized until today we could see them. The left side of the yard is the wall of an old granary. Some woman in years past planted fire engine red tulips. These surprise flowers look smashing against the light green of the old wall. The porch/deck extends across the whole back of the house. We have a table and chairs and dark green Adirondack chairs out there. Both the new kitchen and the master suite nook open onto the porch. This brings me back round to my prayer chair. I retrieved a small square table from the attic and set it next to the chair. I rounded up my devotional materials, my shawl and a foot stool. I made myself a cup of tea, and then sat down. The cats climbed on the bed and began to snore in the sun. Heaven.

I wish I could transport all of you here. We would pull up chairs and put our feet up, lean back, sip tea and just gaze at the beautiful world. We might get in a little praying also.

Take care of yourselves. Love Bea.

P.S. I am still having linkage problems. Will attempt to fix next week. Cheers.


Cindy174 said...

The house, yard, view, rocker, cats, all sound like heaven to me. My kind of spot.

BigAssBelle said...

what an absolutely lovely space. i almost felt as if i were there from reading your words.

i have a prayer chair too. it's in the sitting room off my bedroom. it's a huge overstuffed french beauty with carved legs and wonderful fabric. very comfortable, warm, nurturing. it sits next to a window that opens out on to my south garden and there are stained glass windows in the room reflecting jewel tones on the floor. the river birch out front keeps the room cool and shady most of the day. i love it.

i haven't been in it because i've got some boxes stacked in that room waiting to go to the warehouse. this post reminded me that i need my chair, all of my books, all of it. that space is like a church to me.

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