Monday, September 24, 2007

Snow, Flesh and the Devil

Well it's snowing. Can you beat it? All this mess I am in and now I have to cope with the snow. Thank God we got that carport up. Winter clothes are snug. Was eight pounds thinner last year at this time. (sigh)

Got the downstairs bedroom painted. "Acapulco Tan" it said on the can. As I was painting I kept thinking I recognized the color but I couldn't think from where. When I got all done the room looked like the inside of a mud hut, with a cream colored ceiling and trim. Was way too dark. And after all that flipping work. And it was a really odd color. Mark as usual nailed the problem on the head when he saw the completed room. "Why did you paint it this creepy flesh color" he asked? Yep. That was it. My new dream bedroom is the same color as the flesh colored crayon in the old crayola boxes. Pinky, orangey, tan...with cream colored ceiling and trim. I cried, and then laughed, got hysterical in fact. Every time I repeated "creepy flesh color" another paroxysm of hysteria would hit me. Mark finally got worried and said we need to quit and go home. I said, "we are home." He hauled me out of the house still wiping my eyes and guffawing.

I am more philosophical this morning. We were not supposed to buy this house and God intends for us to go broke. (I am kidding, I think.) We are not going to get into this house until the end of October. I will have to borrow money from friends/relatives to pay the house payment and rent for another month and for moving expenses. I have been fighting to get finished in such a way as to not spend so much money, but it can't be done. We are worn out. We are going to need paid help. At least to move. Who ever heard of moving without going into debt anyway?

We did take time out while buying the flesh colored paint to go and visit Mollie Bea. She is living on a ranchette with fourteen other dogs. They eat and sleep (in their own padded dog crates) in a heated barn and run around a huge fenced yard. She looks marvelous. Almost all the sap has worn off her coat which is now a shiny clean black. She has gained weight and looks like a dog instead of a skeleton. I wondered if she would remember me. She did. "Raptures" is what the dog lady said. She (Mollie, not the dog lady) sat on my feet when she wasn't licking me. She also sat on Mark's feet and licked him. He says he has reservations about us having this dog. But he was also making plans for a dog run and a dog bed. The cats are going to hate me. I hope we will all be fine.

I am freezing up here typing. Can't find my fingerless gloves. The upstairs in the new house has better heat I think. It will be a blessing. My poor hands are about done in. Am going with Mark again today on his hundred mile commute. I am going to buy more paint. A nice light beige.

I hope my winter coat still fits. Take care of yourselves. Love Bea


Cindy174 said...

I think you can work with the creepy flesh color once you furnish the room, hang stuff on the walls, windows, etc. At least you got a good hysterical laugh. I need those. A buddy of mine who can be very silly got me laughing like that Saturday night, and I could not remember how long it had been since I laughed like that. Your cats will get over it, mine did when we finally got a dog. Great to hear how good Mollie Bea is doing. Also glad you got a massage.

Nory Roth said...

Oh my! How frustrating to paint a WHOLE ROOM and have it turn out to be such an awful color. FYI -- Home Depot now sells sample jars of certain types of paint so that you can "try on" a few different shades, see what they look like when they dry (and in different types of light during the day). Then you don't have such a commitment of either time or money, and maybe, just maybe, you will find the shade you love. A little more time consuming, I know, but if you are like me, you will be living with your new color for ten years or so. So, make SURE you like the color before making the commitment! (On a side note -- I have WITNESSED my mother paint an entire room -- not once, not twice, but THREE times in one week because she couldn't get the "right" color!!! Truly deranged!!!)

Lori said...

Cindy has a good point with accessorizing (esp. with curtains). You have had a great sense of humor about many of the things going on with this move and you'll be dining out on that flesh colored wall story for years!

Your cats will be mad and sulky for a while but they'll get over it. I bring my dog over and one of the cats just loves him up and sleeps with him. I'm so happy Mollie Bea is doing so well.

Keep taking care of yourself; you deserve it. (You have to take care of yourself -- who is going to be there for the cats and Mollie and Mark?)

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