Thursday, January 3, 2008

Salsa and a Free Cat

I am so glad to know about the salsa. I thought I was some sort of nut. Chipolte salsa, I have been eating jars of it. Arlene, the vinegar thing is so right on. I never thought about it before. If it has vinegar in it I can't stop eating. Pickled anything, sweet and sour anything, apple cider vinegar by the glass. Also V8 juice. Whole bottles of it. I thought I was being healthy because most of that stuff does not have obvious sugar. But oh the salt. I think it is is the salt I crave. My mouth is watering thinking about V8 juice. What a revelation.

I may be able to abstain from vinegar after this week. Have you ever inhaled the miasma emanating from hot cat urine and vinegar? Brother. The cat peed under the baseboard heater, I poured vinegar on it. Waaaay to much vinegar. Now no one can sit in the living room without a gas mask. Makes your eyes water. Mark says it is one way to keep the floor dry.

Markovian Theory: Pet plastic surgery will be the newest craze to sweep the country. Lipo for the fat cat, face lift for the dog's sagging jowls, botox for the wrinkled hamster. Will restore the appearance of youth and vigor to aging pets. To match the owners.

After the last wetting incident Mark is thinking of sending Socks on her way. He has a red bandanna and is packing it with stuffed mice, string and a half pound of cat food. He will tie the bundle to a dowel, put it over her shoulder and push her out into the snow. He assures me some nice housewife will take pity on a fluffy, fat, black and white tramp with a red collar and bell.

Mark is gone south today so I have the opportunity to unpack more books. So far I have had a nap, read three chapters in a novel and played frisbee with the dog. I think I'll now have lunch. What a slacker. Maybe I'll wash the towels just so I can feel like I have accomplished something.

Thanks for all the advice and concern. I will soon have to investigate my latest dip into the pit but I'm not yet ready. Mentor Mary said something to me yesterday that threw me. She said I was still exhausted. I sure look it. I have aged ten years since the last day of August when we signed for the house. No amount of sleep seems to lift the crumpled look of my face. I slump more when I walk. And my steps are heavy (and not just with the extra weight.) I feel like something vital has gone out of me. I assumed I was just depressed again. Mary says I am bone weary. She says this type of fatigue can't be cured with just a few weeks good sleep. Renno, moving, holidays and dog have sapped my joie de vie (or however you spell that). Self care was what she recommended, without salsa.

So today I am trying to care about myself. Is an uphill battle. I can care for my self, but not about. There is a difference. I need to ponder this. I'll get back to you.

Take care and thanks. Love Bea.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bea,

Hmm a very interesting connection. Vinegar is both your salvation from cat urine and a culinary temptation. Maybe fixing on the former, particularly by it's fumes; can help you with the trigger in the later. Salt, fat, sugar; quite a mantra. Mentor Mary is wise in the self care arena being the cure for bone weary fatigue. Happily unpack a box of books, curl up and read one...stop, rest, enjoy the view. It was especially chosen for you. I love the markovian theories, and I bet he was right about the fat cat with the banana hobo accessories. Keep looking up!

Love, Ethel

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in your comment that you should wash towels so you feel you accomplished something----
How about simply giving yourself permission to have a vacation in your home and accomplish restoration of you?
A week of simple meals, paper dishes, no housework. Curled up reading in front of your Mountain view. Let your body/mind rest.
Stop the runaway train.

Cindy164 said...

It is so great to have you posting again. I just got caught up on your posts since my end of year dissappearance. I love you. You are awesome. I missed you. I can relate to you. Anyhow, about dog training. Manfriend has one of those lovestarved dogs that the more you touch it the more it wants. We have been using a rolled up magazine or paper to train him. I don't hit him I just bang it on my leg. Manfriend gives him a soft rap with it. If Manfriend leaves the room and I am nice to Bear, Bear will climb all over me and slobber all over me. Then he gets in trouble so I try to keep him under control but he is really adorable. When he came to my house he wanted to mark everything so I got out my spray bottle of pee pee product and followed him around. He eventually stopped. Oddly, my dog dominated Bear - and Charlie has NEVER been dominant of any other dog EVER. So it worked. I was worried cuz Bear has pit bull in him and I envisioned him killing my dog and thus ending my fragile new love. Instead Charlie hearded Bear from the couch as they walked circles around us on Christmas Eve while we sat contentedly on the couch talking and enjoying our time together. How does a thing like that happen to a girl like me?? I think your pets will adjust but it does take a while and makes you nuts in the process. They like to see what we are made of I suppose. Pee is such a part of life when you love animals like we do. I am detoxing from the sugar of the holidays now and getting back into a routine. So glad to be back. Hang in there. Sorry I missed you for a while.