Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Here

This will be quick as I am freezing to death in the hotel's computer room. They could hang meat in here.

I have talked to the "famous" Helen. She and I conversed whilst I was sitting outside at Bubba Gumps eating shrimp. Helen says this could have killed me. Taking to her was fun. Way fun. We will make contact Friday for dinner. I can't wait.

I am trying to figure out how to use the bus and Amtrak systems. Not as easy as advertised. We used ART (Anaheim Transport System) last evening. I spit on their system. We sat sitting for a total of two hours waiting for them to pick up and deliver us. I almost froze to death. Where is the darn sunshine? I thought it never rained in southern California.

The trip thru Salt Lake was a nightmare. Poured with rain, road construction out the wazoo and we got lost. Mentor Mary says a trip is not complete unless you get lost in Salt Lake City. We are batting a thousand. Plane trip was fun with the exception of the security check. The snake line took us forty minutes. The revolving door scan deal was a trip. Finding a place to put my shoes back on was exciting. I almost had to sit on some one's knee. Our concourse was outside and our plane was small. WE GOT TO SIT TOGETHER. Mark felt bad and fixed the seats just before we left. Hurrah. We sat behind two little girls. One was terrified and screamed and sobbed for the first fifteen minutes of the trip. The other girl was quiet as the grave until we left the ground whereupon she exclaimed in an awestruck voice "we are in the air." Made me cry. How did we earth bound creatures get so blase as to relax in out plane easy chairs and visit while we are leaving the ground? Is a mystery.

Okay I have to walk to the convention center and meet Mark for lunch. Looks like we will get to have lunch together every day. Yea. I need my fingerless gloves.

I will keep you posted as to my adventures. Knowing you all are out there reading has spurred me on to have some. Take care.

Love Bea.


Anonymous said...

For all of us Wyoming girls, who wouldn't know a subway from a bus line, we hope you conquer the city and make it yours!

Vickie said...

glad you posted - keep it up!!!

LG said...

There's a joke that if you die and go to Hell, you have to go through Atlanta's Hartfield Airport (another hub). :-)

You can do the transportation -- I bet you'll have it all under control after a trip or two. Have fun with Helen and tell her hi for me! YAY!

Helen said...

And you were worried about bathing suit weather! ;-) It IS chilly here a lot...oh well...

Will call you tomorrow -- DB is bagging out on dinner, but this means that I can be there earlier. :-)

Annimal said...

Yeah, and it never rains in calif either.
Did you pack an umbrella?