Friday, June 19, 2009

Swine Flu

Because I am sick and eating like a pig. Be sure to read the last post.

I sat by a teenage girl on the plane. She coughed all over me from Santa Ana to Salt Lake. Car trip home was a nightmare. Poured with rain the whole entire drive. Getting up that canyon out of Salt Lake driving blind was awful. We were both exhausted when we left CA and about dead by the time we got home.

We arrived here at 6pm. Had rained here every day we were gone. Lawn was a foot tall. House smelled like cat pee. I don't know why. Cats and dog had been in dog jail for a week. I immediately began doing laundry so Mark could leave again at 6am for a three day trial. Took us all eve to get unpacked and him repacked. We went to bed about 11pm. Neither one of us could sleep. I am having hot flashes from hell. We got up at 5am and he left at 6am to drive 115 miles. I felt so bad for him. He looked haggard. The trial started at 8:30.

I slept in a chair after he left until eight. I then got up, showered and drove 30 miles to get the animals. Still pouring rain of course. Cost almost $400 to board them for a week. Mollie was wild. Like when we first got her. She jumped on me and scratched the heck out of my chest. Cats were more laid back. Ignored me completely. We all got good and wet loading up. Mollie whined and the cats meowed the whole way home. I cried.

Upon arrival and after more crazy running around Mollie finally settled down. Socks hid in the basement and Whomper pooped on the kitchen floor. I put in another load of laundry and sat back down in my chair. I woke up two hours later. I was ringy and removed, like I was functioning at slow motion under water. I switched the laundry around and in this condition I loaded the dog and drove to the post office to get the mail. Brought it home in a box. I put it down on the kitchen table (where most of it still resides) and went back to the chair to sleep. Woke up later and drove thirty miles to take care of a friend's cat. They are also on vacation. After cat duty I went to the grocery store. Are alarm bells ringing in your heads? I bought cookies, ice cream, pizza, frozen dinners, bagels and strawberries. I drove thirty miles home and after another laundry rotation, began to eat. I ate a whole plastic thing of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. That turned out to be ten cookies the size of muffins. Then I had half of a quart of ice cream. A friend called and asked me if I would help her move the next day. I said yes. The dog and I then went to bed. Mark woke me up to tell me how the first day of the trial had been. I vaguely recall talking to him. I woke up with nasty hot flashes off and on all night. Had terrible dreams about taking a shower with a bunch of horses in a box car. Gad.

Got up next morning at 9:30. Dog was nuts. She ran around the yard for half an hour solid. Ate bagels and strawberries for breakfast and showered. Still felt weird, and exhausted. Loaded up dog and drove thirty miles to friend's house. Friend's big house. U-Haul and our minister's wife's car were parked outside. No other cars. This was a surprise as a whole crew of men were supposed to be there. They never arrived. Three women over forty, one tired husband and a six year old moved and loaded furniture all day. I was a blithering idiot. I packed and carried and talked in a fog. I left at about 5:30 pm. I then drove to vacation friend's house and fed the cat. Then I drove home. I ate a whole big pizza, a bagel and the rest of the half gallon of ice cream. I passed out in the chair. Mark woke me up later and I talked to him. The dog and I went to bed. I slept in my clothes.

Got up at 6:30 to shower to be at the church for my first yoga class at 8am. I arrived first to set up stuff. I moved a couple of rows of pewchairs and set up the music. Yoga Jan and friend PW (preacher's wife) showed up. PW was as sore as me. She should have been incapacitated as she and the tired husband moved most of the furniture. Jan lead us in a wonderfully painful session. I stretched muscles I didn't even know I had. The relaxation thing at the end was priceless. I am looking forward to next week. We moved the pews back into place and all left. I drove to friend's house to help finish up with the moving and clean. We worked until about 1pm and then quit. She fed me a ham sandwich and then on my own I ate four of her brownies. Her little son really hated me for that. I drove to vacation friend's house and fed the cat. Mark called and said the jury had come back sooner than anticipated and he would be home in a couple of hours. I drove home and made the bed and did more laundry and did the dishes. The damn cats had pooped and peed on the the kitchen floor again. I cleaned that up and laid down on the couch to because I couldn't stand up. Mark woke me up when he got home. I couldn't talk and was so dizzy I couldn't get up. I cried some more. He made me some tea and tucked me in and I slept for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I ate a whole roll of those refrigerator biscuits when I woke up and then went back to bed.

Happy end of story. I slept all day yesterday. Mark went to store and got some real food (soup and juice and jello) and that made me feel better. He figured out why the cats were defecating in the kitchen and the house smelled of cat pee. I had forgotten to clean their boxes. Oh well. He took the dog out to play. He mowed the lawn. I am better today. I am not as ringy and my throat hurts less. I feel like I weigh a thousand pounds though. All those carbs have blown me up like a balloon. I have to take a shower and drive over to feed the vacation cat and that is all I am going to do today. Gad what a weird week.

Am I glad to be home? Mebbee. Love Bea Oh, and that athlete's foot I got while getting the facial is clearing up nicely. Later.


Cindy...154 said...

Had terrible dreams about taking a shower with a bunch of horses in a box car. Gad.

Ok, I can't decide which is my favorite part of all your last four or five posts. The dream is up there though. I wish I could hear pigs snoring at 3 a.m. I am glad you made the trip and really happy you met Helen. I am getting caught up with everyone. My overtime at work has me beat every night and I just go to bed after doing the household and kid things. I am relishing that it is Friday. I love that you are posting about everything and that you did make the trip. I love reading you descriptions of things. I ate carbs to go to sleep a couple of times in the past couple of weeks because I was so tired but wound up and the carbs worked like a charm, they upped the weight a pound or two but it went back down, and so will yours. You are opening your eyes to many things about yourself. I appreciate your honesty. Showering with horses on a boxcar, I have to ponder that one...I like to interpret dreams...hmmmmm...has be baffled.

Cindy...154 said...

PS, I just saw your picture with Helen, you look marvelous by the way.

Vickie said...

good heavens!!!

Bill said...

Is your athlete's foot between your toes? What are you using to clear it up?

Annimal said...

Friends DO NOT ask Friends to "help" move! I would have said no in a heartbeat.
Couldn't one of these friends have watched your animals for the week? That's a hell of a lot of money to shell out.
I'm thinking you need to up your class of friends--and learn to say no.
But that's just me.

Helen said...

Looking on the bright side: you had to have burned up AT LEAST the ice cream from all the exercise moving! ;-)

And, yay for you and yoga!! I love a good yoga practice after a day of intense physical labor. The breathing and stretching rejuvenates me. But maybe not so much if I was sick...

Hope you are totally better now...don't worry about the carbs...I have only just realized how truly ADDICTIVE a reaction they have on our bodies...all you have to do is stop and you'll feel better...but AFTER getting well, ok? :-) XOXO

Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted just reading this entry. Hope you feel better soon.

Vickie said...

are you feeling better???

Vickie said...

Do you think that you seem to take better 'care' of them (all the favor askers) than yourself - ???

Vickie said...

Do they call you because they know you will do it or do they think that you actually love it - like live to serve?