Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recovery 101

Food will not cure the flu. How many times am I going to have to say this to you people?

I am much recovered. Lolling around wishing to die just made me feel worse. And eat more. I began to feel like myself when I got up and replanted my dog dug up barrels. Hope to eventually have radishes, lettuce, peas and cucumbers. Went to the store and bought stuff for window boxes and big barrel out front and also got those planted. Restained the deck!!!!!! Yeah. One of the summer projects done. Also washed a couple of windows and killed some dandelions from hell. Movement is good.

I need to remember that sitting around does not make me well, it just makes me depressed. I guess I live to accomplish stuff. When I do nothing my self esteem tanks. Mark made me rest on the sofa for a few hours. No reading, no watching t.v., no talking on the phone, and I wasn't sleepy. I was just supposed to recline there and enjoy the view. Fat chance. Yes it's a pun. I was ravenous immediately. Enforced idleness just kills me. I can only rest good if I have 1001 things to do and am putting them all off. Either way, I eat.

Had my second yoga class. I learned something. Man am I stiff. Almost rigid. I don't suppose that comes as a surprise to anyone. I see that this yoga stuff could do as much for my mind as it does for my body. I am rigid. I got rules for everything and I do not roll with the punches. I have my plan and if it is foiled I sort of shut down for a while. Friend Kim's husband-to-be says he needs time to mourn Plan A before he can move on to Plan B. Exactly. I can do spontaneous if I am relaxed, but I can't change horses in mid stream if I am focused or tense. Makes me crazy. And no plans at all are worse than mis-managed mounts. To have no plans is like being dead. I want to loosen up.

So this yoga thing, I am terrible at it. I crack and pop and fall over a lot. But, I think it will eventually make me more flexible.

Did you know that Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim is littered with little shoes? I could not figure it out. I thought it was some sort of very avaunt guard landscaping thing. Or maybe some perverted child abuse thing. Wrong. Harbor Blvd. leads straight into Disneyland. I watched a tired family shuffling down the sidewalk back toward the hotel late one evening. Mom was pushing a soundly sleeping baby in a stroller and Dad was carrying two tired toddlers. As he slowly walked along both of the kids fell asleep...and then their shoes fell off. A California mystery solved.

Next time: How a $45 facial ends up costing $235 and, gives the facialee raging athlete's foot. Another California mystery.

Take care. Love Bea


Vickie said...

Bev - yoga instructor - often says for certain poses - if you think you are going to fall on your face - please get a bolster or blanket so you face plant in something soft.

Balance is a learned art. Truly does get better with practice. It is amazing how many times there are in a day to practice - even just lifting one foot a little off the floor, shifting the weight to the other side and standing, quietly tall.

A yoga instructor used to tell us to imagine our legs were full of sand - and we were shifting sand back and forth as we alternated balancing on different legs.

In poses just this week - Bev was talking about as one arm became heavy and went to the ground, the leg then became light and floated up. It is mostly in the mind.

LG said...

That's really a sweet story about the shoes. You are very good at observing things and figuring it out.

I know I feel better when I do things. As a kid, whenever I started to get sick, I'd do more about the house like dusting. I think I was afraid that my mom would yell at me for being lazy and not realize I was sick. (And of course, she knew the difference but it does say that I got yelled at a lot for being lazy.)

But now, when I'm sick, I just sit or lay and see everything that I should be doing.

I think between you, Vickie, and Helen, I've been motivated (just a tiny bit, trust me) to dig out a DVD of yoga to try at home. So far, I haven't found it but I will.

I'm really impressed with all that you did. Wowsa!

Annimal said...

I made a comment a little while ago about getting up early to get chores done (it was a day off), and I said, "if I don't sleep in" and immediately both my daughters said "oh yeah, like you lolligag in bed in all day" and "as if you are so lazy". I was tickled to know that my children don't see me as lazy even though I often do.
Affirmation is a good thing and I think that's what Mark was trying to give you.
You may want to work on that.
You definitely sound more upbeat today though. Glad to hear it.

Annimal said...

oh yeah, and yoga? Give it about 4-6 weeks to feel the difference in your body and how much easier the poses are. The balance poses are the hardest for me.
6-8 weeks and you won't be able to live without it.
AND don't hesitate to ask the instructor for help with the pose, esp when you think you are going to fall. They can tell you which muscles to contract to hold you up. You'll be surprised.

Helen said...

I absolutely love the Harbor Blvd.'s so poetic. :-)

Hoping you are feeling better.


Vickie said...

It's July now - where you been? - what have you been up to???