Monday, February 11, 2008

Bad Day at Snow Rock

Spent the entire weekend shoveling snow off the double car metal carport. Four feet of compacted snow and two inches of ice were beginning to make it bow. Took us two days to cut up the igloo quality snow. We then shoveled/heaved it off in big square chunks. You can now climb up the six foot berms onto the garage roof. Will make it a lot easier to get up there next time.

Having a bad day. You should see my hair. In the interest of not looking like a fat man, I went to town today and had my hair cut and colored. Honey blond with light red hi-lights was what I asked for. What I received is a dirty brownish base color with alternating red and blond chunks. I look like a brindle cow. The cut was supposed to be this youthful cheeky spiky do. Gad. Maybe she cut it to match the uneven colored chunks. A sort of cut by number affair. It is awful. Mark who is usually reticent about my self betterment schemes even had something to say. "Is that the hair style you wanted," he asked? I could have howled. I am up two more pounds and now my hair is weird too.

Dog threw up after eating one too many poopsicles. Cat peed on the dog's bed. When I went in to get the mail someone had sent me a late birthday gift of an entire box of chocolates. I have already eaten one layer. And this after the taco salad Mark treated me to for lunch. I'd kill myself but someone would see me in the coffin with this awful hairdo. A fat woman with a variegated pin head. Jesus. Sorry about the swearing.

"Eat less." I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Take care. Love Bea

P.S. Arlene, do you have a blog somewhere? Yes I think "think less" would equal "eat less." Also the instant peace would be a God send. I eat when I am overwrought and want to calm down fast. If I could learn to tolerate my overwhelmedness for a little while and not require the instant fix, my eating would cut down alot. "Eat less" as a calming mantra might work. I'll try it when I am not so full....


Anne M. said...

You definitely don't want to kill yourself and be seen in a coffin with hair that looks like a brindle cow and an uneven chunky cut. Much better to pretend you did that on purpose for a change and then see if you can find someone who could fix the cut for you for not too much money. Been there, done that.

Getting the compacted ice and snow off the carport was good exercise, no? Even if you didn't really want to do it, plus it kept the thing intact which strikes me as good thing.

The cat must have peed on the dog's bed in retaliation for not having any popsicles. And I would have eaten a layer of chocolate by now, too, especially after a day like this.

YOu are the bomb, Beula! Love your writing, your humor, your honesty. Love YOU!

Helen said...

Eat less is a lot harder than it sounds. And, on a totally separate note, you make me laugh...and that is a gift! :-)

ar said...

OK Bea, I took the plunge. That was a good idea to go for the blog.

So sorry to hear about the bad hair job. That is enough to commit supuku. That has happened to me as well, except I made the hairdresser work at it until it was more or less presentable. It was really that bad. Carrot red! He was supposed to take out all colour and give me a lighter brown colour. The end result after fixing the carrot red was a darker than ever brown colour. I was not pleased, but at least thankful it was not carrot red any more. Less than good experience and after that have been colouring my own hair with Clairol Loving Care Golden Brown for the last 8 years ... probably need a change but not as brave as you are ... ar :>)

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