Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life In The Fast Lane

I am sitting in the hotel "business center." I am supposed to be asleep. The toilet in our room stopped flushing and the shower stopped putting out hot water. The maintenance man has been in there for half an hour. Room still has not been cleaned. I made the bed and took out the trash and hung up the towels. (Just like at home.) We finally figured out how to stop the heat. We turned on the air conditioning. It's snowing. Our room is next to the swimming pool and on a corner. The dog barks every time someone goes past the door. Everyone has to go by the door to get to the lobby and the pool. We have not had much sleep. We counted on sleeping this afternoon and then the toilet problem started. Sigh.

You can't go back home again. Things have changed a lot in a year. I am no longer from here. I now live in the mountains with the Mormons. Is okay. Whoopee, toilet problem is fixed and we have clean towels. I am going to take a nap. Goodnight.

Take care. Bea


Nory Roth said...

We had a nightmare hotel experience which we still refer to as "Motel Hell" in which the sink drains didn't work, the toilet didn't flush right, and it was SENIOR WEEK at the beach -- WHAT WERE WE THINKING????? Talk about noisy!!! All this paradise for only $125.00 per night! Gad, I'd never put up with that kind of nonsense least I don't think so.

ar said...

This posting was so awesome Bea. Was thinking about you and imaginging you and hubbie in an exotic place somewhere in California, Arizona or New-Mexico where it is warm and with a swimming pool to sun yourself at and wonderful places to eat at, and then this posting :>) Have had a bad week and ruminating about it incessantly, but you have put a BROAD smile on my face! Hope things get better and that you managed to catch that little nap. :>)

Annimal said...

I no longer tolerate poor service, especially in hotels. They charge a fortune for a bed and shower and I expect working facilities, clean towels and a functioning TV.
I will request a different room at the drop of a hat and it has never been an issue--I am given a new room.
I was in Florida once and put on a floor which was being renovated (no carpet in hall, dust)The room itself was fine. The front desk said they were full and I couldn't move, so I negotiated free access to the gym facilities. (otherwise an additional $10/day).
Stop accepting poor service. You'll feel better about life.