Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eat Less

I have started a diet. Began Atkins yesterday. I am determined to get this ten pounds I gained off. Quickly if possible. It is just the change I needed.

I hate my healthy food plan. I feel deprived. I have had it with fresh fruit and veg and grain and low fat dairy and lean meat. I want bread and chocolate and circuses. Well gentle readers, I may have found an antidote to the boredom. On Atkins there is no fruit, dairy, grains, and only limited veg. Suddenly those oranges, berries, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, yogurt and beans look wonderful. As I slogged through my hamburger patty and sliced tomatoes for breakfast I drooled over Mark's glowing orange, and creamy oatmeal. I am going to have sardines in mustard sauce and lettuce for lunch. I'd kill for a garbanzo bean. I know the idea is never to diet again, but I tell you what, I feel energized. I am only going to do this until the ten pounds come off and then I will go back to my luscious food plan.

I think it is the idea of the never ending battle with my weight that gets me down. Maybe that's just the all or nothing thinking. Maybe someday I won't have to struggle with my appetite everyday. But at 51 I am inclined to doubt it. I wish I had thought to diet months ago when I hit the plateau. Instead I just tried to hang in there and keep doing what had been working. No dice. The scale did not move. I got very discouraged and the calorie creep began. The creep has turned into a full blown relapse. Yes the move and the dog were shocks to my system and I probably would have fallen off the wagon anyway. But...since I fell off the wagon I have been loathe to get back on because it wasn't going anywhere!!!! A limited "diet" is my answer. It has a beginning and an end. Not just the perpetual food plan and no results. I need to lose some pounds to make me want to lose some more. Nothing succeeds like success.

Another epifanny.

My food plan will be my life time eating pattern. If I want a treat I can have it and just "eat less" of it. If I go off the rails completely and gain a few pounds I have the option of a diet. Why did I never think of this? Because I am a rule follower. The rules of the game are healthy eating and to NEVER INTENTIONALLY DIET AGAIN. I was sticking to the rules. I was not losing any weight and I was bored with the idea and tastes of my food plan so I began to cheat. I kept trying to force myself back to my food plan with zero motivation for so doing. I knew dieting was not the answer because all the authorities say so. "Just stick to your plan and all will be well." Did not work for me. So I am Atkinsing. I could just as easily be South Beaching. I am motivated because I think I will begin to lose again. We will see if this new (old) strategy works.

Let me know what you think. Take care. Love Bea


Anne M. said...

Hey Bea - makes perfect sense to me! Atkins (or whatever you choose) for a short burst at one time is different than thinking of doing it for the rest of your life. You're already appreciating the things that aren't on the Atkins plan and when your 2 weeks are up, you can have them again and enjoy them all the more.

So go for it. I like the way you're turning this upside down and just living with little bursts of "diet" to shake up the system.


Nory Roth said...

Little bursts of dieting sound like they may just take the "die" out of diet! Atkins is a good one to blow off any extra water weight you're carrying. Once you hit ketosis, the fat really starts flying off, and the hunger stops. Wish you the best -- just watch out for the nasty ketone breath! I found that brushing well after every meal helps, and also keeps the desire to cheat at bay.

ar said...

Bea, am so happy you have found what works for you, and I believe that a short-term high-protein session has to be healthy as it gives your metabolism a good kick not to mention the burst of energy. Also like your attitude of setting a goal of 10 lb. Something to be emulated. Wishing you the absolute best. You deserve it. ar

Vickie said...

sounds like a shake up is good for you during the winter doldrums. Did I spell that right? Looks odd. I am wondering if that might "stop your GI system up" Wonder if you need to be taking something to aid in that department???

Annimal said...

hmmm, here comes doubting Thomasina...let me know if this works.and I ain't talking in 1 month, I want to see over 6 months.
I PROMISED myself that I would never diet again and I have kept that promise. I'm not loosing either, though. I am so afraid of the whole yoyo and last meal phenom.
I just started implementing the IE teaching of Karen Koenig last fall, and I am willing to give that more time to work for me. I do know it has taken the stress out of meals for me. I eat what I want. Most of the time I want the healthy food. Now it's more portion control and eating purely from hunger and not emotion.
That's the hard work.
Take care, Love your Epifannies.

Lori said...

I think whatever works for you is good (unless it's the 10,000 calorie a day diet...). Sometimes we need a shake-up and two weeks (or heck, even a week) is good enough to shake you out of the doldrums.

I love your description of your hairdo. I know you hate it but maybe it will look a bit better after it grows out. If nothing else, you now know who NOT to go for hair cuttery. (I had the perm from hell once so I can identify.)