Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nurture vs. Pampering

Am blogging in a desperate attempt not to eat. I now remember why I quit dieting. But I have lost five pounds. All water probably but it has been so many months since the scale went down I am thrilled. Had a chef's salad for lunch, with real blue cheese dressing. Was good.

Neighbor girl said my hair was "rad." I thought she said red and began to make explanations about it. She stopped me and said, "No, I mean it looks great." Who knew? I think it looks like a tortoise shell cat's fur. I put some goo on it and spiked it. Not bad I guess. Rad in fact.

I went and had a massage on Valentine's Day. Was deep into a big hairy revelation about not taking care of myself when my wonderful massage/therapist said something that would have stopped me in my tracks if I had been upright. "Bea" she said, "you don't want to be pampered you want to be nurtured." Holy cats. I started to cry. I was not and am not sure what she meant, but I'm certain she is right.

What is the difference? (Was told it was up to me to figure out the difference. I told her she was not very nurturing. She didn't believe me.) I am stumped. I thought they were one in the same. So now I am trying to come up with some differences. I'd like some help. Heck I need some help. Help.

Take care. Love Bea


ar said...

Wow, heavy stuff and that on Valentine's day too! I would say nurturing is "essential looking after yourself" such as these blogs and pampering "special treats" like massages. I guess pampering can be nurturing, but nurturing is not always pampering. A brain twister for sure.

AWESOME about the weight loss, good stuff. Whether water or whatever, it is still 5 lbs less on the scale. 5 lbs less to carry around and to fill you out with.

PS: You cannot imagine how pleased I was to receive a comment on my posting. My first ever comment. Feel honoured and of course am excited. The blogs are definitely meaning something for me and so much support in every way, that is pretty awesome. Guess they are nurturing me too :>) Also now I can write long comments again! Yoohoo!!! :>)

Speck said...

Someone who is pampered has their physical needs met.

Someone who is nurtured has their emotional, spiritual and psychological needs met.

Does that help?

Anne M. said...

Oooooh, Speck, you said it so well! I agree 100%.

Massage does both for me. I get the physical need of having knotted muscles worked on so they hurt less. But I also get the emotional nurturing of being touched and quiet time to go into my own space away from other responsibilities.

Great job on the weight loss. I hope that lifts your spirits as well as drops the pounds. You're awesome for giving this approach a try and sticking with it.

Vickie said...

pam·per (pmpr)
tr.v. pam·pered, pam·per·ing, pam·pers
1. To treat with excessive indulgence: pampered their child.
2. To give in to; gratify: He pampered his ambition for wealth and fame.
3. Archaic To indulge with rich food; glut.

nur·ture (nûrchr) n.
1. Something that nourishes; sustenance.
2. The act of bringing up.
3. Biology The sum of environmental influences and conditions acting on an organism.
tr.v. nur·tured, nur·tur·ing, nur·tures
1. To nourish; feed.
2. To educate; train.
3. To help grow or develop; cultivate: nurture a student's talent

Vickie said...

I was quite shocked at the difference in the definitions. I had no idea what to expect when I looked them up. I copied the whole thing - on each of them - left nothing out.

Nory Roth said...

Speck said it spot on!

Lori said...

Speck is spot on. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself. Your hair actuall does sound rad, esp. with the spikes. :-)

Annimal said...

I am sitting here crying because you are so spot on (are we related?)
I didn't want to be pampered on V-day (or any other day) by my husband. I didn't want a $75 bouquet of roses that will wither and die, I need nurturing. I need attention. I stuffed myself with food this weekend trying to find it, but of course it didn't fill the hole.
Maybe you've given me the words to explain to my husband what I wanted for V-day because now he is bewildered that he is in the dog house.
Peace be with you.

Cindy164 said...

I think I might feel nurtured if I get pampered... I want both. I was going to the dictionary but Vickie took care of that for us. Great topic. And who cares if it's water or whatever - five pounds down is groovy!!!

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