Friday, January 25, 2008

Life As Holiday

I am thinking about living my life as though I were on vacation. I am dead serious about this idea. This may be the Key I have needed. Want to join me?

Alrighty then. What are the characteristics of vacation?

1. Not a lot of baggage. Everything non-essential is left behind. (I tell you what, if life is a vacation I am waaaaay overpacked.)

2. Finances are simple. Do I have the cash for it? Will it fit in my luggage? If "no" is the answer to the questions I don't buy it.

3. Environment is uncluttered and clean, and usually smallish. There is no lawn. Papers and magazines and trash are thrown out after being read/used. (They are not chauffeured around in the trunk of the car for three months on the way to recycling.) No knickknacks or throw rugs. Cleaning is quick and daily. Minimal time is spent on housekeeping.

4. Food is fun, yummy, nutritious and an event. Isolated meals are the norm. No continual grazing. If a treat is in order, it is enjoyed and forgotten. There are no scales.

5. No television. None. Who has the time or desire for it? Maybe music in the car on the way to adventures and then sounds of nature's silence.

6. Daily adventures. Yippee. New stuff to see and do. Hiking and garden walks and museums and hot springs and old cemetery investigations and ghost town tours and junk store shopping and high teas and battlefield sites and camping and old book stores and visiting friends. Most of vacation adventures do not require a passport or tons of money. A tough comfortable vehicle is a must.

7. A good bed. I do not enjoy sleeping on the ground anymore.

8. A porch. If we are not camping I require our vacation spots to have a veranda. I want to sit outside of an evening and watch the world go by.

9. Religion. Daily prayer and quiet time in the early mornings. Enjoying the services in church without in any way being responsible for them.

10. Grooming. Comfortable casual well made mix and match clothing. (Has to fit in my luggage.) Minimal hairdo. Natural fingernails, bright toenails, fast and easy makeup. Fun shoes, but comfortable. Massage as needed.

11. No telephone. Cell phone is turned off. Calls to friends and family are as needed.

12. Exercise. A daily walk in the morning before breakfast. Stretching exercises before walk.

13. Planning. Careful planning months in advance, with the ability to change plans at a moments notice if so desired.

That's it so far. I am excited about adapting the vacation lifestyle to the drudgery I have made of my current day to day existence. It is going to take some work to simplify my life. But, I usually work like a dog to get ready to go on vacation so I am up for it. I think my post dogum depression is over.

Happy trails. Love Bea


Anonymous said...

I think you may have hit on something brilliant. Well done.

Anonymous said...

What a grand idea. I've got a wee sticking point...I live where many people come to vacation (Treasure Island, Florida.) I shall picture myself somewhere snowy and mountainy.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Simplification is definitely a rewarding process.

Nory Roth said...

Oooohhhh!!! I can almost feel my shoulders descending from up around my ears just thinking about this whole "vacation life" concept!

hayden said...

If you could do this ,your life will change forever, depression would be behind you. Praise the Lord!

ar said...

Bea this is absolutely brilliant. Love the idea. I was just thinking that when I first arrived in the Middle East all my earthly goods were in transit, and do you know how fantastic it was not to be encumbered by the secure and the familiar. The newness of everything made all your steps happen AND I lost lots of weight. Ha! I think you have landed your new book here :>) I LOVE this idea.