Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gone Traveling

We are off to Idaho Falls for a couple of days to celebrate our sixteenth anniversary. I will run around the mall and Mark will lounge around in Barnes and Noble. Works like a charm. Also hoping to see Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the museum. I am so excited I can hardly stand myself. If it snows an we can't get out of here I will eat a dog raw. I just know it.

See Y'all next week.

Take care of yourselves. Love Bea


Cindy174 said...

I just caught up on your posts. Love the hair thing. There is nothing like a good hair cut and color. And product. I have to have a certain type of gel for my insanely curly and frizzy hair. But it is worth it. Hope you had or are having fun on your trip. I love the thought of lounging at a Barnes and Noble, and going to the mall. I may actually do that this weekend so I can feel normal again, or at least my new normal..

Vickie said...

have a great time

Debra said...

Happy Anniversary! 16 years is quite an accomplishment in our, oh-you're-not-what-I-expected-I'm-gone age.

Have a wonderful time on your trip!

Lori said...

Have fun and happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

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