Thursday, June 28, 2007

Intuitive Eating

I have lost four pounds. Yesterday I feasted on toast and butter, flavored coffee, choc. covered macadamia nuts and cherries. Go figure.

I felt my feelings. Boy I hate that. But I am doing it. Are normal eaters awash in emotion all the time I wonder? Or do emotions if you routinely feel them get tougher? As in not every little thing bothers you? I sat with the awful feelings (anger and disappointment) until I sort of popped out on the other side of them. I was surprised and felt a ton load better. I learned I can cope with disappointment. It hurts but will not kill me. I can even reorder my thinking to accept whatever has disappointed me. This is new territory.

Hoping to want to eat better most of today. My blood sugar was zilch this morn. I was shaky and headachy. Felt awful. I usually, these days, feel good in the mornings. I made the connection. Too much sugar yesterday made me feel bad. Really bad. My body when given a choice this morning between raisin bread and a slice of turkey for breakfast wanted the turkey. I was hungry for the protein. This is new territory.

Will I ever be hungry for lettuce? Seems doubtful at this point, but who knows? What an adventure I am having.

Take care of yourselves. Have an adventure. Love Bea

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Andrea K said...

It sounds like you're really embracing the IE principle to "honor your hunger."

As for what "normal" eaters feel, I think it depends. Some might be feeling and coping with their feelings all day long, but others may still be escaping but in another way -- smoking, shopping, gambling, pick your compulsive behavior -- and just don't use food to do it.