Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mud and the Fair

I swear to God this is the hardest place to get water. First it was the fresh water shrimp then it froze solid then it was intermittent and now it is mud. We get our water from a spring in the side of a canyon. Seems there may have been an underground earth quake in the past couple of days and the water pressure in the spring has changed. Muddy water is flowing from all the taps and toilets in town. The water is being tested moment to moment by experts and we are all assured it is drinkable. But no one is going to drink it. Or do dishes in it. Or laundry. I will have to drive fifteen miles to the next little town to wash my whites. Lucky we have all that camping gear. I took two five gallon water jugs to the church last night and filled them after choir practise. It will be like camping in my own kitchen. During the Powers That Be luncheon yesterday the City Manager announced that no one knew what to do about the problem or how long it would last. Mark suggested a human sacrifice. These lunching lawyers are currently deciding between an LDS and a Presbyterian victim. Catholics were ruled out entirely. The water going on and off was bad. This is worse.

The county fair is going on here this week. We are two blocks from the fair grounds. I hear cows and horses and chickens from dawn to dusk. The roads around the fair grounds are torn up and blocked. The stock trucks and horse trailers are using our street as an alternate route. But our street is also still torn up and they have to drive up on what is left of the lawn to avoid the holes. I was coping with the agricultural parade until they diverted the semis with the carnival equipment down our little road. One of the trucks got stuck next to our willow tree. I bet I am the only woman in America with a Ferris Wheel on a flat bed trailer in her front yard. And now it has begun to rain.

Markovian Theory: Vegetarian Fed Hens
Written in black bold letters on the cartons of the eggs I buy are the words "Vegetarian Fed Hens." Mark believes the hens are organized. He thinks they have brochures and web sites. They recruit innocent well meaning Vegetarians for "Relaxing All Natural Retreats at the Chicken Farm." The climax of this luxury weekend is the opportunity to go alone at night into the Hen Houses and collect eggs.... There are very few rebookings.

Take care of yourselves. Love Bea

P.S. Mentor Mary told me to pray for the owner of the dog. I don't want to. But I am doing it. Hard to pray for your enemies with any real conviction. What lessons I am learning.

P.s.s. Friday. The water heater quit last night. We think it may be the mud. I also have brown ice cubes in the ice maker. I have gained five pounds. Big surprise. I would shoot myself but the only gun we own is rusted shut. Pray for me as I will for thee. Oh, Mark says to tell you the Ferris Wheel is in pieces, not the big giant wheel. And still it rains.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bea,

Yikes girl you do you cover the gament of human existence. Both understanding 'life giving' streams of water and praying for our enemies all in one day. I am thinking of the water used to baptise and the commandment to 'Love thy neighbor as thyself.' All of these life lessons when all you really want to do is wash the clothes, dishes and have a drink of water. Such are our frailties. Let me know how the praying for the enemy goes...
Love, Ethel

SheilaO said...

Watch out. Could be locust are next!

Lori said...

It occurred to me that besides praying for the owner, maybe you can find a rescue league who can come by and sneak the dog away. Or, report him to his superior. I just feel sick about this myself and yes, Mark does see a lot of horrible things and there are horrible things that go on without my knowledge. It doesn't make what we do know more bearable; in fact, it's a bit worse because we should have some control over it.

I'm truly sorry about your water and the other woes. I went a week without electricity (while everyone around us had power) during a hurricane and it was extremely frustrating.

I will send up some prayers for you, Mark, the dog, the owner and everyone else in between. Tomorrow I go see a friend of mine who is adopting an one-eyed cat from a rescue group. He's as cute as he can be and we are so excited. Sometimes good things happen too.

Andrea K said...

Even when life turns surreal and overwhelmingly crazy, It's good to be able to see the humor in it all. I don't know which was funnier, the human sacrifice or the vegetarian fed hens.

This summer seems to be super crazy for most people I know. The planets must be aligned to cause extra chaos and insanity this year. But the end is in sight -- my daughter's already picking out her Halloween outfit.