Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Change and Change Again

Mark's mom and sister are coming this weekend. I hope we have water. Cancelled all the travel plans. What a relief. I need to investigate why I am resisting going back home. But not today. Today I am cleaning and trying to figure out how to keep the upstairs cool. Also checking out motel prices in case all of us end up in one. My eating has gone to hell in a handbag. Oh well. Once we have continuous water again and company has left I will get back on the stick. Until them I am going to eat cherries and raspberry pie.

Take care of yourselves. Love Bea.


Andrea K said...

When your life is turned upside down (i.e. you don't have water), it's pretty hard to expect anyone to handle everything perfectly, especially food. I'm sure it's making cooking and food preparation pretty difficult.

I can't think of too much wrong with cherries and raspberries. Sounds great.

Cindy174 said...

I was reading your not official post and it wanted to tell you I often have that thought about who would mourn if I passed. Also, when I go collect the rent at my house that I still own, I get sad seeing how she does not take care of the yard like I did. I was so proud of the cute little house and it feels bad to see it not getting the attention it deserves. Anyhow, I agree it is hard to eat steady when things are out of sorts around you. My weight was up after my trip and I am still eating funny. Not lots of food but fattening stuff. The other day I had that box mac and cheese and some pork n beans with the kids for dinner..ugh. Cherries and raspberry pie sound delightful.

Lori said...

Cherries sound delicious.

I went through a renovation and had no water for 2 days and it was incredibly annoying. And I was lucky; I lived in town and could go to the gym to use their showers (this occurred to me after Day 1, duh). So it's 10,000x harder for you and to have company coming.

Not only is it hard with the cooking and hygiene, but it's hard to clean up. And having more messes is a bit demoralizing no matter why it is like it is.

Maybe a hotel suite for all of you would be fun; get pampered, no sheets to wash, etc. etc.

Nobody has to be perfect all the time. I'm thinking about you.