Friday, July 27, 2007

What A Week

Well I think we may soon own a house. And we have no money. Amazing what a good credit rating will get you. We started the process with earnest money yesterday. We are still dickering about a fence. A six foot fence. I am 5'5". Part of the reason for buying the house is for the view. With a six foot fence the only view I would have would be the fence. When we were drawing up the contract-for-sale we found out the owners live next door in one of the mansions. As a condition of sale they want to wall off their new huge gorgeous house from our little old house, with said six foot fence. This could be a deal breaker for me. I hate being closed in. I hope the fence thing works out. I love this little odd old house.

The house is on a corner lot in Grover. Grover is five miles from where we now live. It has a general store/post office and dirt streets. Our proposed house is close to the base of the mountains. It was built in the 20's. It is small and two story. It is clean and cute. It has no garage. In snow country this is a real disadvantage. And it is one of the reasons the house is in our price range. We would put up some sort of car ports for the winter and build a garage next summer. Old house has old yard. Lilac bushes, apple tree and stumps of some really massive trees. Lawn is still in fair shape. View is to die for. We are surrounded on two sides in the back by landscaped parks for two gigantic houses. Our little old lot intersects with both of them. I am sure they do not want to look at this frowzy lot next to their manicured lawns, hence the fence. Dirt streets border our other two sides. Old farmsteads to the north and west. Very picturesque.

Inside all new paint, carpet, linoleum, appliances and counter top. Two very large back to back weird old bathrooms. Mark says if we have overflow guests they can sleep in the bathrooms. Kitchen is huge. My round old oak table (dining table) will have to fit in one corner as there is no dining room. I think old buffet will also have to go in kitchen. No dishwasher or garbage disposal or range hood, yet. That is the joy of home owning. As we can afford it we can put all of that stuff in. Until then I am content. I have never lived in a house with a dishwasher. Isn't that weird in this day and age? We are going to have to get rid of mucho furniture. We have five desks. Five. Why do two people need five desks? And the camping gear. Good grief. We were tent campers for years. With the stuff we have accumulated we could live in the forest and forget buying a house. And the lawn furniture. Were are we going to store all of that? And the books. We have sixteen full to overflowing bookcases.... Frankly I am going to think about this tomorrow.

My mother and sister-in-law were with me when I found the house. Finding the house was serendipity. Then we met the realtor. That is a story for tomorrow. Gad I hate salesmen. He kept patting my back and squeezing my arm. I finally said "stop that" and he looked like I had poleaxed him. Asshole. Sorry. I was going to stop swearing. But sometimes you need to call a creep a creep.

Okay back to the fence fight and contemplating way too much stuff. Take care of yourselves. Love Bea.

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Helen said...

Exciting! Having just been through the house-purchasing adventure, I know how fun your next little bit will be. And, P.S., I never lived anywhere with a dishwasher until I was 30. Then had one for a few years and none again until 2 years ago. :-)