Thursday, July 12, 2007

Digging and Fashion

I am surrounded by giant construction equipment. The car is blocked in the driveway. They dug a three foot wide trench across it while I wasn't looking. Thank God Mark got out to go to work. At least we have a car we can use. There is booming and banging and men hollering at each other. You'd swear they were putting up a skyscraper rather than laying water pipe in a little backwater (no pun) town. The cats are scared spit less and are hiding under the beds. Mark's sister is due to arrive sometime this week. Crapdoodle. I have been looking forward to seeing her all summer and now she arrives right smack dab in the middle of the construction. I warned her she might have to rent a motel room to get a shower. I have pails of water in the bathtub to flush the toilets. I haven't had a shower and the water just went off. Doggone it. (Frankly Scarlets I hate these ersatz swear words but I am determined to quit cursing.) I did yell the F word in the parking lot after choir practise last eve. I don't think anyone heard me. Gad. I knew it had gotten out of hand, but you don't realize how pervasive a thing is until you are trying to quit.

Back to shopping. Friend Kim is no skinny mini. She is tall and has lost a bunch of weight. And still has some more to go. I am relaying this because she got compliments in every darn store we went in. Every store. Even the guys at the feed store checked her out. We went pottery shopping because Kim is pottery mad. The pottery shop, Blue Fox Studio/Gallery, in Star Valley is run by two gay guys. One is the potter and the other is the jeweler. They have great stuff and the cutest deaf dog known to man, or men. They have a rough time here in the land of moderation. I know this because Mark has had to stop the harassing phone calls they periodically receive. Anyway Friend Kim and I are shopping when I notice the jeweler staring at Kim. I knew he wasn't firting so was curious about the intense observation. I poked Kim and said, "That guy is looking at you." She graciously made eye contact and smiled at him. He literally gushed over to us. "You aren't from here are you," he said to Kim. No she was from Reno. "I knew it he said. It is your outfit and accessories." Kim had on black two inch platform no back leather sandals, black capri pants with a silver and black leather belt, a red sleeveless scoop necked silk blouse with coy painted in black and gold on it, twisted silver hoop earrings, a thick filigreed silver and mother of pearl ring, tortoise shell sun glasses with beaten silver insets in the bows, and a little rolled brim straw hat. Oh and a giant red leather purse with a silver buckle on the front. She has red/brown curly hair and freckles. This was her casual look. No she definitely wasn't from here. I was.

I didn't have on the Mormon missionary jumper. I had on elastic waist jeans, birkenstocks and a short sleeved button front seersucker checkered shirt I got at the Dollar store. I could have hugged a tree. Now I am as environmentally conscious as the next woman but I am tired of looking like Euell Gibbons. Fooey. No one asked me where I was from. This was the first shopping day. If I had known it was going to go on all week like this I'd have spiffed up a bit. Mark did alleviate some of the dowdy doldrums I experienced at the pottery shop. He bought me a choker length strand of gold pearls. Gorgeous. They looked fine with my rural Wyoming woman outfit.

Okay water has come back on. I am going to the bathroom, taking a shower and running the clothes in the washer through the rinse cycle. In that order. More shopping tomorrow.

Take care of yourselves. Get rid of your jumpers. Love Bea.

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jen said...

While you're getting rid of the jumpers, ditch all elastic-waist clothes too. And dollar store apparel. You deserve better, Bea. :)