Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Mormon Jumper

Friend Kim has gone home and the city has shut off my water. I don't think they are related. The city is putting in all new water lines this summer. They have now reached our street. Thank God it is this week and not last week. Giant piles of rock and pavement are everywhere and the water goes on and off intermittently. As do the lights and phone. They have cut several buried electric and phone cables. Is a hassle.

I had a great time last week. Learned many things. I will be getting rid of my fat jumper. A store clerk at Chico's asked Kim, "What is that thing your friend is wearing? Is she Mormon?" Mormon. Gad. Yes indeed this place is a bastion of Joseph Smith's church and maidenly modesty, but for Heaven's sake, I didn't look that dowdy. Okay it is a little loose. But it was hot. A Mormon. Fooey. The clerk then asked me as she brought me stuff to try on, "What kind of underwear do you have on?" I think she expected the "garment," the name of the union suit thing they used to wear as underwear. My ego melted right along with my deodorant. Farts.

I did buy some new clothes. Size two. Chico's is a very weird store. We then went to Coldwater Creek. Also bought some stuff there in the bargain basement. We attempted to locate the third member of the trifecta as Kim calls them. If Jackson has a J. Jill we didn't find it. I was glad. By then I was suffering a severe case of cosmic dissonance. The only store I felt totally at home in was Pendelton. And it was way too hot for Pendelton. Mark sat in the Square (a park) and watched tourists. A good time was had by all. More on this marathon shopping spree tomorrow. If I have electricity.

Good to be back at the computer. Take care of yourselves. Love Bea.


Andrea K said...

We are replacing our front porch this week, since the old one had to be taken off due to an infestation of termites and carpenter ants.

Yesterday, when the lumber company delivered the wood we needed for the porch, the driver forgot to put the bed of the truck down as he was leaving and ripped out the phone and cable lines into our house. The cable company was here within the hour to repair it. We're still waiting for the telephone company. (Thank goodness we have cable internet!)

I would hate to lose my water, especially in the heat wave we're having right now.

It sounds like you had a nice visit with your friend, despite the "Mormon" incident. That would have been tough for anybody's ego!

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