Friday, July 20, 2007

Early Morning Rescue

I am in pain folks and I am not sure what to do about it. There is this little dog.... This morning she was dragging around a lawn mower. The idiots across the street had tied her to a lawn mower. I don't know when. At some point she drug it out into the street and it promptly fell into one of the holes. This is how we found her this morning. Strangling on the end of the chain holding onto the edge of the hole for dear life. Mark got in the hole and pushed the lawn mower out. We then unwound her. She whimpered and licked my hand. Oh crap I am crying. She is so skinny. I have heard her howl for months now. They leave her outside in all kinds of weather. We took her back to the trashed house in which she lives. No one home as usual. No food or water for her. We tied her to a tree so she could have shade. I went home and got a coffee can and took water back for her. She kept licking me. She tried to prevent me from leaving by blocking my way with her body. I can see her from my porch. And she can see me. She is staring non stop at the house. She stands up and barks when I go out onto the porch. I don't know what to do.

Mark says to leave her alone she is not our dog. She has now been outside under the tree for four hours. She does have water but no food. I have been debating about calling the cops. There is no animal control here. I don't know what the cops could do. The pound is full and they are begging people to foster animals. I'd steal her but we rent and live right next door to the owners. I don't know what I would do with her. She is a very skinny young lab. She is so friendly, and lonely. I hate it that people mistreat their animals. Just kills me. She is scared of all the huge construction equipment. I guess I will talk with Mark at noon. I'd like to bring her over here and tie her up in the yard and feed her. Mark says I can't steal the neighbor's dog in full view of all the other neighbors and the construction guys. But I am going to do something before the day is done. Thanks for listening. I have got to get back to cleaning while the water is on.

Take care. Love Bea


Animal said...

"she's not your dog" is a pathetic, passive way of not disturbing the waters. Go get the dog, tie her in your yard with shade, food and water. Leave a note on the neighbor's door explaining where the dog is, then call the police and explain what you did and why. This is animal cruelty, a soul being abused. Sorry if I sound angry, but I've been listening to the defenders of Michael Vick and the dog-fighting supporters and my stomach is sick. We don't respect any life if we don't respect ALL life. Especially the innocent.

Anonymous said...

Go. Get. The. Dog.



Andrea K said...

Yes, I agree. Get the dog. And animal was right, leave a note and call the police. That way your bases are covered.

It's so sad how animals are abused. It's a sad reflection of our supposedly "evolved" society.